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Town Center (60292)

The LEGO® Group introduced a new type of road plate in January. Recently, I started reviewing my way through a few of the sets that include them. So far, I have looked at Skate Park and Shopping Street. Today, I am delving into the largest of the sets, Town Center (60292). The kit includes three large street segments as well

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Shopping Street (60306) Review

I am finally taking a look at the new City theme road plates. They came out last January. As I collect road plates, I am also taking the time to review the kits they come in. Recently, I took a look at the Skate Park. Today, I examine Shopping Street (60306). Initially, I was excited upon hearing of this set.

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Flower Bouquet (10280) Review

Flower Bouquet (10280) review

The LEGO® Group released a couple of botanical sets in early 2021. I already reviewed the Bonsai Tree (10281). However, back in March I also purchased the Flower Bouquet (10280). This particular set appealed to my wife, so I set it aside for her to enjoy. She took some time to assemble the kit recently, and even put it on

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Ninjago City Gardens (71741) Review

Ninjago City Gardens (71741) celebrates the tenth anniversary of the famed LEGO® theme. The set offers an expansion to two of the most beloved Ninjago sets of all time: Ninjago City and Ninjago City Docks. While those predecessors focused on the Ninjago Movie, Gardens highlights the series. However, it remains fully compatible with the older sets. Incidentally, Ninjago City is

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Easter Bunny (40463) Review

As I write this, it is January. Spring seems a long way off still. However, the chill of winter will end eventually. Subsequently, the thaw will bring the Easter bunny our way. What better way to start preparing than with a new LEGO® set? Recently, I received the upcoming Easter Bunny (40463) kit. Today, we take a pre-release look at

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x-1 Ninja Charger (71737) Review

This week, I continue my quest to acquire all the commemorative 10th anniversary Golden Ninja Minifigures. Consequently, the review of the week is the January 2021 Ninjago Legacy set, the X-1 Ninja Charger (71737). The set draws inspiration from season three of the series. Consequently, the villainous minfigs included are Nindroids. The LEGO® Group offered me this set for review,

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LEGO® X Hype: Ninjago Streetwear for all Ages

Ninjago is turning ten years old. Consequently, expect many new and exciting announcements concerning the theme in the weeks to come. Firstly, the LEGO® Group just announced a partnership with British streetwear house Hype. The new clothing line features adult and kids’ wear inspired by Ninjago. Specifically, the garments pull inspiration from the 2020 Prime Empire season. Read on to

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Zane’s Titan Mech Battle (71738) Review

Admittedly, I have never been a collector of mechs. I have bought the odd set here or there because the kit contained desirable Minifigures. However, I recently built Zane’s Titan Mech Battle (71738) from the January 2021 wave of Ninjago sets. Honestly, it has me rethinking my stance on mechs. I have no context for the set itself. Supposedly it

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Vintage Car (40448) Review

In October 2019, LEGO® Ideas held a contest for designing vintage cars. Subsequently, a fan vote determined the winner. The victorious design now has the esteemed honor of becoming the next LEGO® gift-with-purchase set. The Vintage Car (40448) set is available throughout January 2021. Additionally, it is free with all purchases over $85 CAD. The LEGO® Group kindly sent me

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