September 27, 2023

March 2021 Haul

I went shopping this past week. As such, I decided to share my little March 2021 haul. Originally, I had not intended to make a purchase this month. The freebies were not overly enticing, and I have amassed a large pile of shame (unbuilt LEGO® sets) in recent months. However, I was driving past the mall and decided to stop at the LEGO® Store just to see if there was anything new. As we all know…

This meme was not my idea… I saw it somewhere once, but could not find the original, so I remade it.

In any case, I bought a couple of sets. Consequently, I scored all the freebies too. First up, the Easter Chick Egg (30579). This is a small polybag available from March 15 until April 5 with purchases over $55 CAD. However, the offer is only available in store. Interestingly, you can get the same promotion this weekend (March 20-21) at Toys R Us by spending $40. Additionally, you can buy the polybag at Walmart (this is an affiliate link). I am not terribly excited about this build, but it I never say no to free bricks.

March 2021 haul: Easter Chick Egg

The second gift-with-purchase I earned was the Easter Bunny’s Carrot House (40449). The set is free with purchases over $80 CAD. This is my second copy of this set. The LEGO® Group sent me a pre-release copy a few weeks ago to review. Since I already had this set and it was only okay in my books, I was not in the market to gain another one. This set does not come with any Minifigures. If it included a unique Minifigure, I might find it more appealing. However, this kit comes with some neat, free bricks.

Thirdly, I caught the tail end of the Amelia Earhart Tribute (40450). The offer is now over, but the gift came with purchases over $130 CAD. Of all the recent gifts-with-purchase, this enticed me the most. Based on the box art, the brick selection looks great. Additionally, you get an Amelia Earhart minifig. Originally, I intended to buy something to get this. However, a few weeks ago, I saw it built for the first time at the LEGO® Store. I was disappointed that Amelia does not fit in the plane. That detail put me on the fence. Ultimately, having this freebie still available on my trip made my decision to buy a little easier. While not the set I dreamed of, I am still happy to have it.

Now, for the actual purchases. I did not order the new Botanical sets in January because I was gearing up to buy Ninjago City Gardens. Consequently, I missed out. The sets sold out fast. Additionally, they are out of stock online every time I check for them. Similarly, my luck trying to score them at the LEGO® Store has not been good… until this week. Finally, the Bonsai Tree (10281) was in stock. Of the Botanical sets, this was the must-have for me. I am trying to pick up new tree building techniques. Therefore, any set with a large tree appeals to me. So far, the Medieval Blacksmith and Ninjago City Gardens trees have not impressed me enough. Here’s hoping the Bonsai Tree turns the tide.

Seeing my elation at finding the Bonsai Tree, the helpful staff at my local LEGO® Store pointed out they had one more Flower Bouquet (10280). My wife expressed interest in this set. I am always keen to promote her budding AFOL tendencies. Especially if its something she okays for the dinner table. While not directly MOC inspiring, the Flower Bouquet looks lovely. Additionally, the box art suggests some interesting build techniques.

There you have it, my March 2021 haul. On a side note, I bought some new video equipment. Consequently, I have been playing around with video editing again. For fun, I made a short haul video. If you didn’t watch it already, you can check it out at the top of the article or on YouTube! Did you make any purchases to score freebies? If so, what did you buy this month? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media.

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