September 29, 2023

Potions Class (76383) Review

This week, I have the esteemed pleasure of reviewing all the new LEGO® Harry Potter Hogwarts Moment sets ahead of their January 1, 2021 release. Earlier, we looked at Transfiguration Class, Herbology Class, and Charms Class. Today, the final lesson: Potions Class (76383). Why delve into Snape’s dungeon in the bowls of Hogwarts last? Honestly, it is my favorite of the new sets. Save the best for last, or so they say.

NOTE: The LEGO® Group provided this set for review. However, the provision of products does not guarantee a favorable review. I will use my usual rating system (click here to learn more) and provide my honest opinion.

Potions Class (76383) box art.


  • NAME: Hogwarts Moment – Potions Class
  • SET #: 76383
  • THEME: Harry Potter
  • COST: $39.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 271
  • RELEASE DATE: January 1, 2021


  • VALUE: 81% (Satisfactory value-per-brick and good amount of build time for the price.)
  • BUILD: 80% (Lots of stickers instead of bricks, but they produce a decent effect.)
  • MINIFIGURES: 91% (Lots of accessories and a great number of characters for a set this size.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 85% (Good for Harry Potter fans and kids, maybe not AFOLs in general.)
Potions Class (76383)


VALUE: 81%

Like other Hogwarts Moment sets, Potions Class costs $39.99 in Canada. Additionally, the kit contains 271 pieces. Consequently, Potions Class is the largest of the new Harry Potter sets. On top of that, the cost-per-brick is $0.148. Comparatively, my average cost-per-brick is $0.14. Therefore, Potions Class is a satisfactory value that comes close to average. I rate the value-per-brick at 77%.

Potions Class (76383) as a closed book.

Interestingly, this set took me longer to build than any of the others. So far, each Hogwarts Moment build time has clocked in between 30 and 40 minutes. Conversely, Potions Class took 54 minutes. At full price, that translates to $0.74/minute of build time. By comparison, my average is $0.83/minute. Therefore, the amount of build time you get from this set is good for the price. I rate it at 84%. Averaging this with the value-per-brick score gives an overall value grade of 81%.

BUILD: 80%

Like Herbology Class, Potions Class features a central wall that divides the scene in two. One side of the set lacks details and relies solely on stickers for embellishment. The other side still uses a lot of stickers, but to better effect. Additionally, the brick-built portions look good on the more detailed half. I am especially fond of all the bottles and jars that you build into the walls.

Many of the issues I had with other Hogwarts Moment sets are present in Potions Class as well. The walls need more brick-built details and less stickers. I wish all these sets has less exposed plate on the walls. However, of all the Hogwarts Moment sets, I like the design of this one the most. While half of the build is empty, you can fill it with the little side builds. I rate the design of this set at 80%.

Potions Class (76383) opened up.


Potions Class comes with three Minifigures. Two of them are stumpy kids with unmoving legs. Otherwise, each character has a hairpiece, double-sided face, and dual sided torso printing. Additionally, the set contains several accessories. You get a cauldron, two jewels, two bottles, an Erlenmeyer flask, a spoon, a knife, a clear mug, a pot, a book, and several wands. Perhaps the only mild disappointment apart from the unmoving kid legs is that Snape is not particularly detailed. He looks like the version seen in the Hogwarts Whomping Willow set, but with less printing. The sheer number of accessories in this set saves the design score. I rate it at 41/45 (91%).

Potions Class (76383) Minifigures

Three Minifigures in a 271-piece kit yields a brick-to-fig ratio of 90-to-1. The higher brick count in this kit makes the ratio a bit worse compared to other Hogwarts Moment sets. However, the ratio is still great considering that my average is currently 145-to-1. You get a good number of Minifigures for a kit of this size. I rate the ratio score at 91%.


Having now reviewed all four of Hogwarts Moment sets, my opinion remains unchanged. These are nice sets, but they are not amazing. As books, they make a great display, especially if you have all four. However, these are playsets at heart. Kids will like them, as will Harry Potter die-hards. The Minifigures alone are probably enough to entice most fans. As with the other Hogwarts Moment sets, I maintain an entertainment score of 85%.


In the end, Potions Class is my favorite of the Hogwarts Moment sets. The details in the build look good, and the stickers work a little better. However, I maintain that all these sets rely too heavily on stickers and not enough on building. The Minifigures in Potions Class are decent and have a lot of accessories. Plus, three minifigs for a set this size is great. What are your thoughts on Potions Class (76383)? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media.

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