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Hogwarts Moment Overview

This past week, I looked at the upcoming Hogwarts Moment series from the LEGO® Harry Potter theme. The LEGO® Group sent me the sets for review ahead of the official January 1, 2021 release. The wave of sets represents a new twist for the brick-built Wizarding World. As such, each kit consists of a different Hogwarts textbook. Additionally, opening the

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Potions Class (76383) Review

This week, I have the esteemed pleasure of reviewing all the new LEGO® Harry Potter Hogwarts Moment sets ahead of their January 1, 2021 release. Earlier, we looked at Transfiguration Class, Herbology Class, and Charms Class. Today, the final lesson: Potions Class (76383). Why delve into Snape’s dungeon in the bowls of Hogwarts last? Honestly, it is my favorite of

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