September 28, 2023

Hallmark 2020 Ornaments

Each year, Hallmark releases a new selection of keepsake ornaments. Recently, they issued their latest Dream Book, featuring all new designs for this year. Like previous years, the Hallmark 2020 ornaments selection includes several LEGO® characters. I greatly enjoyed the last three years’ offerings. However, I am even more excited about what is coming up. Hallmark is releasing five LEGO® inspired designs this year. It’s never too early to think about Christmas is it?


From Hallmark: Add a tasty twist to your holiday decorating with this gingerbread man Christmas tree ornament based on a LEGO® Minifigure. With frosting designed details and signature LEGO® style hands gripping a mug labeled “Dunk Me,” this yummy little guy has a sense of humor that every young creator or master builder will love.

This ornament measures 3.33 cm (1.31″) W x 6.55 cm (2.58″) H x 4.98 cm (1.96″) D.


From Hallmark: Add some high-flying holiday heroics to your Christmas tree with this ornament based on the Superman LEGO® Minifigure. Signature LEGO® styling builds on the excitement of the season for fans of all ages.

This ornament measures 4.93 cm (1.94″) W x 6.27 cm (2.47″) H x 5.16 cm (2.03″) D.


From Hallmark: Build on the fun of the holiday season when you relive Han Solo’s adventures with this Christmas tree ornament that features the lovable scoundrel in signature LEGO® styling. Coordinating LEGO® Star Wars Chewbacca sold separately.

This ornament measures 3.45 cm (1.36″) W x 6.25 cm (2.46″) H x 4.09 (1.61″) D.


From Hallmark: Create holiday memories and build on Chewbacca’s epic adventures with this Christmas tree ornament that features the brave Wookiee warrior in signature LEGO® styling. Coordinating LEGO® Star Wars Han Solo sold separately.

This ornament measures 5.13 cm (2.02″) W x 6.45 cm (2.54″) H x 5.05 cm (1.99″) D.


From Hallmark: Adventures await when you unleash a dino rampage on your tree. This Christmas tree ornament features Blue, the faithful Velociraptor who was raised by Owen Grady and helps protect her caretakers from other dinosaurs. LEGO® Jurassic World styling adds to the fun of the holidays.

This ornament measures 2.72 cm (1.07″) W x 5.28 cm (2.08″) H x 8.99 cm (3.54″) D.

While the Ginerbread Man is already available, the remainder of the Hallmark 2020 ornaments hit stores shelves on October 3. Additionally, each ornament retails for $21.99 CAD ($16.99 USD). While I am considering acquiring all of them, Superman and Blue made my must-have list. I remain forever a DC Comics and Jurassic Park fan. How about you? Feel free to comment below or send me a message on social media.

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