September 29, 2023

Review – 2018 Hallmark Ninjago Ornament

It’s that time of year again. The Holiday Season is in full swing, and folks are digging out those boxes of ornaments and trimming their trees. Well, much like last year, there is a new Hallmark ornament that I have added to my geeked-out Christmas tree. Last year, they released a LEGO® Batman (click here to read my review). This year, we have gotten Lloyd from the LEGO® Ninjago movie.

Box art for the 2018 Hallmark Ninjago ornament.

This is a nicely designed ornament. Lloyd is quite detailed, with a lot of printing on his torso and arms. Obviously, since this is an ornament, Lloyd is fixed in one position. He is a touch smaller than the Batman that we got last year. Lloyd also does not have any neat textures like Batman did. But, I don’t think that really takes away from the ornament, because it is nicely designed and painted.

This year’s Lloyd Hallmark ornament alongside last year’s Batman.

Hallmark employees make a habit of opening the ornament boxes before you actually buy them. They always show you that the ornament is in good condition. Buying Lloyd was no exception. But, I do offer a word of caution. While my ornament was in good condition in the store, when the employee repackaged it, she unintentionally bent Lloyd’s sword. I was able to bend it back into shape, but I am sure that too much of that will cause it to break right off. So, be careful repackaging your ornament…

How ornament Lloyd (left) compares to Minifigure Lloyd (right).

Hallmark ornaments tend to be a little on the pricey side. In Canada, you will usually pay about $20-$25 for one. That is why I only buy one of these every year. They are nice though, and this one is great for the LEGO® fans out there. This year, you can also get Joker from the LEGO® Batman Movie. My local Hallmark did not carry that one, I found out about it while perusing their website. I am glad that I was able to get Lloyd though.

Lloyd in my Christmas tree.

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Another shot of Lloyd and Lloyd.

4 thoughts on “Review – 2018 Hallmark Ninjago Ornament

  1. I used to buy the Batman ornament every year i have 5 I think. Then 1 year he was on a purple motor bike which I thought was ridiculous so I just didn’t buy it and they closed the store and I just forgot about them a few years later I bought the Batmobile which played the Tv theme song and the battery lasted a day and replacing it was a pain and forgot about them until this year and Walmart has a bunch in displays so i bought. Now these are smaller and cheaoper but absolute crap. Poor paint jobs and 1 broke taking it out of the box. Honestly just makes me wish they didn’t make them as they were so well done before. Yours look much higher quality and i wish i new about the Batman from last year. Lastly i saw Lego stationary sets last night for 20 bucks at the Bay that I thought looked junky. I think they need to have a higher standard for companies they contract, they built such a good reputation for quality and deservably so Keep up what you do it’s great!!

    1. I did not even know Walmart sold these types of ornaments. I have also felt that some Batman ornaments in past could have been better… but I do normally find at least one really nice one each year. I am also really happy to have gotten a LEGO ornament two years in row. Thanks for compliment and support!

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