December 7, 2023

2019 Hallmark Robin Ornament

Christmas is fast approaching. While many of us are wishing for multiple boxes filled with bricks under the tree, why not deck the tree out with LEGO® themed ornaments in anticipation? This year, Hallmark once again released officially licensed LEGO® ornaments in their Keepsake Collection. I usually buy one Hallmark ornament each year to add to my geek tree. For the last two years, I selected Minifigure ornaments. Two years ago, it was LEGO® Batman. Last year, it was Lloyd from the Ninjago Movie. What does this year have in store? Three characters, actually. I purchased the 2019 Hallmark Robin ornament to share with you today.

Click here to read about the LEGO® Batman ornament.

Click here to read about the Ninjago Lloyd ornament.

2019 Hallmark Robin Ornament box art.
Box art for the 2019 Hallmark Robin ornament.

Hallmark produced more than one LEGO® ornament this year. I picked up Robin to go with my Batman. However, this year’s selection also includes Unikitty and C-3PO. As far as ornaments go, I find these to be a bit pricey at $21.99 CAD. Therefore, I only tend to buy one each year. However, they are generally quite nice.

Hallmark’s 2019 LEGO® ornament selection includes C-3PO, Unikitty, and Robin.

Hallmark's 2019 LEGO® ornament selection.
Hallmark’s 2019 LEGO® ornament selection.

In terms of Robin specifically, the overall scale is the same as Batman from two years ago. This means that Robin is larger than an actual Minifigure. He is also not poseable; however, he is well detailed. I was disappointed in the paint job on the face though. It is not as clean as on my previous ornaments. All the same, Robin looks good on my geek tree running through the branches with Batman.

Robin and Batman ornaments on my tree.
Robin and Batman in my geek tree.

What do you think of this year’s LEGO® ornament selection at Hallmark? Did you get any of them? Be sure to let me know in the comments below, or by shouting out on social media.

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