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Jurassic World: The Legend of Isla Nublar

Back in February 2019, the official Jurassic World website made an interesting announcement. They revealed that “later this year”, fans of the LEGO® Jurassic World franchise would be getting a special treat. Along with four all new sets, there would also be a 13 episode mini-series titled Jurassic World: The Legend of Isla Nublar. The press release described the series

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Review: Indoraptor Rampage… (75930)

Occasionally, the LEGO® Group releases sets with unnecessarily long-winded names. Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate is one such set. I think Indoraptor Rampage would have been a sufficient title, but that’s just me. For the purposes of this review, that’s what I’ll call it. Despite it’s super long title, this set is a blast in terms of play possibilities. You

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