December 7, 2023

LEGO Batman Hallmark Ornament

My wife went on a trip recently, and brought me back a little something for my Christmas tree. You see, I have this tradition that every year, I buy one super hero ornament for my little Christmas tree. This is something that I started when I was still in high school, and my mom hated it. She didn’t want super heroes on the family tree, so one year she bought me my own little, fake tree. I take that tree out every year, and fill it with my super heroes. It is a tradition that my wife tolerates (I know, I have a lot of little quirks that my wife tolerates), and even, dare I say, encourages. This year, on her trip, my wife stopped at a Hallmark in the States and got me a LEGO Batman Christmas ornament.

Hallmark LEGO Batman ornament box

I have to say that this is probably one of the coolest ornaments I have ever gotten. It combines two of my favorite things: LEGO and Super Heroes. I already have quite a few Batmans on my tree (Hallmark pumps one out almost every year), but this is my first LEGO Batman.

Hallmark LEGO Batman ornament

You have to keep in mind that this is an ornament, so it does not have any movable parts. Batman is stuck in the position you see. But, he is very nicely detailed all the same. The cape has a really neat texture to it. He is also bigger than an actual Minifigure.

Rear view of Hallmark’s LEGO Batman ornament

What geeky Christmas tree would be complete without a LEGO Batman ornament? This year, you can also get another comic book Batman, the 1960s Bat-copter, Aquaman from the Justice League Movie, Wonder Woman from DC Super Hero Girls, and small versions of Superman and Wonder Woman from the comic books. So, go trim those trees!

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LEGO Batman ornament and Minifigure side by side

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  1. If you can… Id like to see that tree. I have all of the hallmark Star Trek ships they released generally but I don’t have them on a tree. They are strung up in the living room… year round 🙂

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