June 5, 2023

All Alone in the Cold (Minifigure Monday)

Minifigure Monday is a weekly celebration of LEGO® Minifigures through art. This week, we contemplate wandering a treacherous path alone. I was inspired to write this poem as I was photographing an arctic themed LEGO® set for review. Incidentally, I have been reading a true story about a doomed arctic voyage from the early 20th century. This brightly colored Minifigure seemed so alone on the stark white snow, it evoked feelings of how I imagine those sailors in my book must have felt alone in the cold. For more Minifigure Monday posts, click here.

All Alone in the Cold

An original Minifigure inspired poem from True North Bricks.

Doesn’t matter where I go,
All around just endless snow.
Howling winds chill to the bone,
As I wander all alone.
One foot forward on the pack,
Ever fearful it will crack.
If it gives beneath my feet,
Icy waters will I meet.
How to not give in to dread,
With these thoughts inside my head.
All alone out in the cold,
I tell myself I must be bold.

All alone in the cold
The photo that inspired this poem.

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