Minifigure Monday

Minifigure Monday is a weekly celebration of LEGO® characters and bricks through art. Since my return to LEGO® building as an adult, I have been inspired by these bricks and Minifigures in many ways, some of which were really unexpected. I have developed my skills at photography, drawing, digital editing, and even poetry. Every Monday, I share a new LEGO® inspired project. These projects fit mostly into two categories: Pics & Poems, and LEGO-fied.

Pics & Poems is where stories of my LEGO® photos are told through poetry and rhymes. Click here to browse the full collection.

LEGO-fied is where I combine photography and digital editing to recreate pop-culture images using Minifigures and LEGO® bricks. Click here to browse the full collection. 

Recent Minifigure Monday posts: