June 8, 2023

Huddle (Minifigure Monday)

Minifigure Monday is a weekly celebration of LEGO® Minifigures through art. This week, we explore the value of partnership. I thought it appropriate with Valentine’s Day coming. Last week, I wrote about the cold of winter and survival in frozen landscapes. Huddle (Minifigure Monday) follows a similar vein. However, I drew additional inspiration for a happier tale. I have collected some LEGO® penguins over the years. First, one came with the wildlife photographer from series 16. I loved it. Consequently, I bought two of those. Recently, I found the penguin in the Build-A-Mini station at the LEGO® Store. Therefore, I bought another one and this poem was born. For more Minifigure Monday poems, click here.

Huddle (Minifigure Monday)

Sometimes I think as I get old,
The world around is icy cold.
For months the Sun just does not shine,
And frozen winds chill to the spine.
It’s hard to live on this terrain,
A vast and empty desert plain.
But, with you I’ll survive the storm,
‘Cause we can huddle to be warm.

Huddle (Minifigure Monday) was inspired by penguins.
Huddle to be warm this Valentine’s Day!

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