Minifigure Monday – The Tale of Larry (Part VII)

The Tale of Larry (Part VII)
(An original LEGO inspired poem from True North Bricks)

Click here to start reading from part I.
Click here to read part VI.

On cloud nine but nervous too,
He had much to plan and do.
What to eat and where to go?
A good time he had to show.

He bought chocolates and a card,
Match an outfit, he found hard.
Took a shower, combed his hair,
Even changed his underwear.

All dressed up and on his way,
He stopped to buy a bouquet.
“Better take the bus,“ he thought,
“So that I don’t sweat a lot.”

A quick ride straight down the street,
To the terrace where they’d meet.
As she kissed him on the cheek,
Larry felt his knees go weak.

Click here to read the finale.


This poem was inspired by Larry, the LEGO barista.



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