September 28, 2023

Minifigure Monday – The Tale of Larry (Part VI)

The Tale of Larry (Part VI)

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In spite of her disbelief,
His fear gave way to relief.
She had moved back into town,
Meaning she would be around.

The morning shift he would take,
And her favorite drink he’d make.
Then she’d pass by at the store,
Where he’d be waiting at the door.

A “good morning” with a smile,
Made his every day worthwhile.
Eagerly he’d work away,
Waiting for the coming day.

Months went by and at long last,
Larry found the strength and asked:
“Could we go out, just us two?”
And she replied: “I’d love to.”

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This poem was inspired by Larry, the LEGO barista, and the business woman from Fun in the Park (60134).

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