May 30, 2023

LEGO vs FLEGO – Captain Boomerang

Welcome to the third installment of my fLEGO (fake LEGO) Suicide Squad review. Previously, I reviewed Katana (click here to read it) and Deadshot (click here to read it). Both of the aforementioned fLEGO figs suffered from some design and quality issues, though Katana was much worse than Deadshot. Let’s see if Captain Boomerang breaks the mold, or succumbs to the same quality issues that seem to plague the fake LEGO coming out of China.

fLEGO (left) and LEGO (right) Captain Boomerang – front view

To begin, much like Deadshot and unlike Katana, Captain Boomerang is not a blatant copy of the LEGO version of the character. LEGO took the traditional comic book design for their Minifig, whereas the fLEGO version is based on the movie adaptation. I have to admit that in this case, I like the overall look of the fLEGO version more. The look is more modern and less campy. I actually find myself wishing that LEGO had produced this version of the character. I am really fond of the “Captain” zip-up sweater design, and I love the little trench coat. It would be awesome if LEGO started producing these for Minifigures. Despite how much I like the trench coat though, it doesn’t always stay on the well, and would probably need a little bit of a design tweak to meet LEGO standards. I also like the face design more on the fLEGO version. Apart from the printed on sideburns, the LEGO face is pretty generic.

fLEGO (left) and LEGO (right) Captain Boomerang – rear view

Despite being a nicely designed character, the fLEGO version is fairly flawed. If you look closely at the pictures, you will probably notice that his legs are a little crooked compared with the LEGO version. This crookedness makes it hard to actually stand him on a LEGO baseplate. Much like Katana, he can’t even properly attach to the stand he came with. Another problem is that the beanie he wears is a really tight fit. So, once you put the hat on his head, it is quite challenging to remove. The legs are also very loosely attached to the torso, so in trying to take off the hat, you are more likely to lift off the whole upper half of the body.

fLEGO Captain Boomerang suffers from poor craftsmanship that doesn’t allow him to properly connect with studs.

Another point of contention I have with fLEGO Captain Boomerang is the lack of his namesake. LEGO Captain Boomerang comes with boomerangs, the fLEGO version does not. I suppose one could argue that he comes with a trenchcoat instead, but these knockoffs tend to copy everything else LEGO does, so why stop at a boomerang?

fLEGO (right) and LEGO (left) Captain Boomerang – side view

As I mentioned in previous reviews, the fLEGO Suicide Squad came as a set with free shipping from China. Each figurine in the set costs about $0.99. The low cost compared to an actual LEGO Minifigure is the big draw that these figurines hold for many people. But, I am continually let down by the poor quality. Yes, it is less costly, but I have yet to get one that actually impresses me. I was hopeful with Captain Boomerang, because of his nice design. But, he is not compatible with LEGO, or even fLEGO for that matter, because of poor craftsmanship.

I mark this as another fLEGO fail. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next time,


fLEGO vs LEGO Captain Boomerang

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