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LEGO vs FLEGO – Suicide Squad

Over the last couple of months, I have been slowly working my way through a review of the FLEGO (fake LEGO) Suicide Squad from China. I have already reviewed Katana (click here to read it), Deadshot (click here to read), Captain Boomerang (click here to read), and the Joker (click here to read). Today, I have the final installment in

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LEGO vs FLEGO – Captain Boomerang

Welcome to the third installment of my fLEGO (fake LEGO) Suicide Squad review. Previously, I reviewed Katana (click here to read it) and Deadshot (click here to read it). Both of the aforementioned fLEGO figs suffered from some design and quality issues, though Katana was much worse than Deadshot. Let’s see if Captain Boomerang breaks the mold, or succumbs to

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