December 7, 2023

LEGO vs FLEGO Review – Katana

It has been a while since I have purchased any FLEGO (fake LEGO)… I have to admit that I am bit of a LEGO purist, and don’t generally believe in paying for the fake stuff. Out of curiosity, I have bought (and reviewed) FLEGO before, but have always found it to be inferior in quality. However, I was a little bummed that LEGO did not make the full Suicide Squad to go with the movie a while back. FLEGO versions do exist, and can be purchased as a set. So, for one of my photography projects, I decided to try FLEGO again and see if it has advanced at all since my last foray a year ago. I got the real LEGO Katana with Killer Croc Sewer Smash (click here to read my review), and my FLEGO Suicide Squad came with another. Let’s see how they compare!

As usual, a quick glance will probably not reveal much difference between the actual LEGO Katana, and the FLEGO one. But, even a slightly more in depth view starts to reveal some pretty big flaws in the latter. Starting from the top, FLEGO Katana’s hairpiece is more matte. Both have a double-sided faces that are meant to be identical. However, FLEGO Katana’s neutral face is painted on too low. Her mouth is actually on the curve of the chin. If you turn her head around to the angry side, the red dot on her mask is actually off-center, and the hair does not cover the lips of her neutral face in the back.

LEGO (left) and FLEGO (right) Katana – rear view

The torsos are the same size, and the arms have about the same amount of mobility. The printing on the red arm is more metallic on LEGO Katana, and just plain grey on the FLEGO version. For some reason, the torso printing is stretched out on FLEGO Katana, both on the front and the back. LEGO Katana’s legs are made from two different colours of plastic (grey and red) to give the appearance of boots. FLEGO Katana’s boots are painted on, and rather poorly at that. The tops of her feet are not painted, nor are the bottoms, or the interior sides. I might be able to forgive the bottoms not being painted, but the tops just look awful. Like the real LEGO version, FLEGO Katana also comes with a katana. But, the FLEGO sword is made from weaker plastic, and it is much more rubbery and bendable.

In terms of compatibility, FLEGO Katana fails again. You really have to force her to connect with a LEGO baseplate. She will attach one foot at a time, but it is a challenge to get both feet to stick. Oddly enough, she attaches even worse to the FLEGO stand that she came with.

FLEGO Katana is not fully compatible with LEGO, or even her own FLEGO stand.

I paid $7.90, and got free shipping from China, for eight figurines. That means that Katana cost me about $0.99. She came individually wrapped, which has not always been my experience with FLEGO. The whole lot came bubble wrapped, so there was no damage, which again has not always been my experience with FLEGO.

LEGO (left) and FLEGO (right) Katana – the fake version’s boots are not painted all the way around the legs.

Overall, FLEGO Katana is a really poor facsimile of the LEGO version. The paint jobs are all off, and really sloppy. Her sword is also poorer quality. In terms of cost, I suppose you can’t beat the FLEGO version… The real LEGO set she comes in is quite expensive at $99.99 (I got mine on liquidation for $65). But, even at $0.99 with free shipping, FLEGO Katana is just poorly made. I do not recommend this figurine. You can get the real thing on Bricklink for under $20, including shipping. As a DC Comics fan, that Minifigure price is worth it for the assured quality.

This has been another FLEGO fail from True North Bricks.

LEGO (left) and FLEGO (right) Katana – side view

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