December 8, 2023

LEGO vs FLEGO: Deadshot

I recently wrote a review comparing the LEGO and fLEGO (fake LEGO) versions of the Katana Minifigure (click here to read it). Along with my fLEGO Katana, I also got most of the Suicide Squad in a packaged deal. Some of these characters have actual LEGO versions, and others do not. Today, we’ll compare LEGO and fLEGO Deadshot and see how they measure up.

fLEGO (left) and LEGO (right) Deadshot – front views

First things first, it is important to note that the LEGO version of Deadshot is based on the comic books character, and was available in the Gotham City Cycle Chase set (click here to read my review). The fLEGO version is based on the live action movie character portrayed by Will Smith, which never got LEGO treatment. LEGO Deadshot comes with a buildable, stud-shooting bazooka. fLEGO Deadshot comes with a semi-automatic rifle accessory that LEGO would not produce (due to their policy on guns). So, there are some major differences between the two Minifigures right from the get-go.

fLEGO (left) and LEGO (right) Deadshot – side views

Starting with the headpiece, LEGO Deadshot’s is a metallic silver colour. fLEGO Deashot’s is a matte grey. In terms of details, the fLEGO version has much more printing. It also features some back print. While many might like this attempt at realism and staying true to the movie version, I do not. I feel that fLEGO Deadshot’s face looks too cluttered, and details are lost in all of the lines. The LEGO version looks much cleaner, and I appreciate that more. My fLEGO Deadshot’s head mould is also covered in tiny little dings and bits of protruding plastic that are not really visible in the photos, but are clear on close examination of the product.

fLEGO (left) and LEGO (right) Deashot – rear views

The torsos of both figurines are printed on the front and back. the fLEGO version is again more detailed, and in this case, I actually like the design more than the LEGO version. Deashot’s logo is a little lost in the detail, and doesn’t really pop out, but the fLEGO design is a nice one. The LEGO one looks a little campy and unrealistic next to it. Where the LEGO version beats the fLEGO one is in the arms. The lower quality of plastic used in the fLEGO version is really apparent in the arms. The LEGO version also has extra details, like Deadshot’s trademark wrist shooters, printed on. The fLEGO version would have benefited from that extra little attention to detail.

fLEGO Deadshot and his automatic rifle.

Deadshot’s legs are also more detailed in the fLEGO version, but again here, I feel like the detail is a bit too much. There are also some brightly coloured blotches that meant to be a gun holster and some pouches (I think), that just look like printing mistakes. There was an attempt to print on the side of fLEGO deadshot’s legs, but the work is grainy and not clear. While I do wish that LEGO Deadshot’s legs had received some form of side printing, I do think that, once again, they look cleaner. There is something to be said for simplicity sometimes.

fLEGO (left) and LEGO (right) Deadshot arsenals

In terms of compatibility, fLEGO Deadshot does not suffer from the same problems as fLEGO Katana did. He is easily attached to actual LEGO, as well as to the stand he came with. In general, most of his joints have good mobility, but one of his arms is a bit tighter and harder to move than the LEGO version.

LEGO vs fLEGO Deadshot

Like with fLEGO Katana, fLEGO Deadshot only cost me $0.99, and shipping was free from China. The LEGO version comes in a set with a price tag of $24.99, and you would also get Batman, Harley Quinn, and two buildable motorbikes. You can also order just the Deadshot Minifig from Bricklink for under $5.00. Based on this, I would say that the fLEGO version is not worth it. While the fLEGO version is generally more detailed, the extra printing really only looks good on the torso, and the rest of figurine just looks kind of overdone and messy. Was this Minifigure another fLEGO fail? Perhaps not, but I wouldn’t count it as a resounding success either. While fLEGO Deadshot does not suffer from poor printing and design quite as much as fLEGO Katana did, I still think the authentic LEGO version wins in this case (though by a smaller margin). Which do you prefer? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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