September 27, 2023

LEGO Gotham City Cycle Chase Review

This is a fun little set that I acquired in order to start building my own LEGO Suicide Squad. You get Harley Quinn and Deadshot both in one set, and Batman to boot. The Batman Minifig is the same as the one that came in the Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas set though. With that said, I still recommend this set. Let’s have a closer look as to why.

LEGO Gotham City Cycle Chase box art.

Set Summary

Name: Gotham City Cycle Chase
Set #: 76053
Cost: $24.99 CDN
Brick Count: 224
Minifigure Count: 3
Manuals: 2 (78 pages)
Release Date: March 1, 2016

Summary Review: 81%

Value: 90% (Very good value at $0.11 per brick.)
80% (Decent build, but Harley’s bike could use a little work.)
92% (decently designed figs, and a great brick:Minifig ratio.)
60% (the set itself is fun, but the build-time cost is high.)

Harley Quinn & Batman racing through the streets of LEGO City!!!


VALUE: 90%
With 224 bricks and a price tag of $25.99 here in Canada, this set will cost you $0.11 per brick. That is a pretty good value which is below the current average of $0.13. I give this set 4.5/5.

BUILD: 80%
The motorbikes in this set are really neat. I especially like how Batman’s resembles the Batpod from the Dark Knight trilogy. It has stud shooters that face backwards, but they are built using a ball and socket mount and are able to swivel to face any direction. My only complaints about this set come from Harley Quinn’s bike. I don’t really like that the smaller tire is in the back. I think it would have looked much nicer if the larger tire was in the back. I also don’t really like the way that the hammer attaches to the bike. It does not have enough of a range of motion. It can only lower to stick out and trip people as the bike rides by. It can’t actually swing in the lowered position. One of the awesome things about LEGO is, of course, that I can remake the bike to look and function the way that I want it to. I give this set 8/10 as a build score.

LEGO Harley Quinn and her hog.

You get three Minifigures with this set. That works out to one Minifig for every 75 bricks. That is a really good deal, and it earns brick to Minifig ratio score of 5/5. The actual characters themselves are also pretty well done. Batman is, for me, the least impressive. That is not because he is a poorly done Minifig, but rather because I already have this exact same one from another set. But, if I was reviewing him for the first time, I would say he gets 8/10. I am taking away two points because he has no printing on the front or back of his legs. He does come with grappling gun and Batarangs though. His face options are mouth-closed-with-a-smirk, or mouth-open-with-a-grimace.

Deadshot is a very detailed Minifig with two buildable accessories. He has a rocket launcher that has a built in stud shooter, and a jet pack. Both look nice, but both are also a little flimsy and fall apart easily. Deadshot has no double sided face, nor does he have any printing on the back of his legs. His arms have some details that make up for that a little though. I give him 9/10.

The set comes with a fairly unique variant of Harley Quinn. It is not my favorite adaptation of her from comic books, but it more closely resembles the Suicide Squad movie version than previous incarnations have. Personally, I much prefer the black and red colour scheme to the blue and red though. That aside, this Harley is still a nice Minifig. She can have an angry facial expression, or a smiley one. Her hair comes in blue and red pigtails to match her outfit. She has front and back torso printing, and front  printing on her legs. Her accessory is a buildable hammer. I give her 8/10. She could have had another accessory in my opinion, and back or side printing on her legs to complete her boots would have been nice.

Overall, these Minifigs get a design score of 83%. When coupled with the brick to Minifig ratio score, they get 92%.

This set took me 40 minutes to build. With a price tag of $24.99, that means this set cost me $0.62 per minute of build time. That is not really all that great. So, for entertainment value, I give this set 1.5/5.

I terms of how much I like the set, I do rather enjoy it. I will keep Batman’s bat-pod as is in my city. Harley’s I will probably tweak a little, but keep the overall general appearance. So, I would give Batman’s half of the set full marks, and Harley’s a 4/5. Together, that gives a score of 4.5/5. If we combine that with the entertainment value score, I rate the overall entertainment score of this set at 60%.

LEGO Batman and his Bat-pod

Overall: 81%

I do recommend this set. You get a pretty good value in terms of brick cost, and in terms of the number of Minifigures included. Buying this for build-time alone is not a great value, but if you have little people, they will probably get quite a bit of play time out of it because it is very nicely made. If you already have Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas, then you are getting a duplicate of Batman, but the other Minifigs are well done.

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