June 9, 2023

Review: Assembly Square [10255 – Part V]

Today’s review focuses on the bakery building of LEGO’s Assembly Square. This is my favorite of the three buildings, and probably the most detailed. If you are just joining me today, you can use the links below to navigate to other parts of the review:

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) bakery building

Summary of Assembly Square – Part V

BUILD: 100% (Amazing design and detail, wouldn’t change a thing.)


As with the other two buildings in this set, the exterior of this structure is exceptionally well designed. I am particularly impressed with the way bricks were combined to produce the rounded sides of the turret. On the ground floor, you have a bakery. From the outside, there is a very clever use of the garage doors usually seen on police and fire stations in the City theme. Here, they have been employed sideways to produce a really neat window effect. The main entrance to the bakery has been placed on the corner of the building, directly beneath the turret. Once inside, you have a huge wedding cake display in one window, and a smaller pastry stand in the other. A counter separates the room in two, and contains a display case for more pastries. A shelf behind the counter has additional brick-built cakes. Also behind the counter is a really nice wood burning oven design that actually opens up. A boat oar had been provided to place and remove things from in the oven. At the rear of the bakery, you have doorway leading to the flower shop next door. There also two doors on the back wall, one of which leads to the backyard. The other door is up a small flight of steps, and it takes you out the staircase which leads to the upper floors. I love this bakery. It is really nicely detailed, and I have no complaints about it.

Moving upstairs, you reach the dentist’s office. Again, this floor has been masterfully designed with a lot of fun details. I would not change a thing about the dentist’s office. When you first enter, there is a small waiting area with chairs, and a receptionist’s desk with a phone. Behind that, you have the dentist’s work area. It comes complete with drawers and cabinets, which are full of tools and other materials. There is a sink with simulated water in it as well. The chair actually reclines, and there is a moveable lamp overhead with a tray for tools. Another doorway leads to the photographer’s studio, and another still leads to the staircase bringing you up to the top floor.

The top floor of the building is a small apartment. I really like that they included a small bathroom in this apartment, which is a positive change from previous apartments in the modular line. I am all about realism. Next step is to put a shower in the apartment too. I also really like that the bathroom door is solid and has no windows. There is a small kitchen just past the bathroom, and a living space. The couch in the living space is really neat because it actually folds into a bed, so a Minifigure can completely live in this space. The apartment appears to be the home of an avid LEGO fan since there is a printed tile representing the box of the first modular, Café Corner. In the turret, you can also find what looks like a mini version of the LEGO Eiffel tower. Finally, there is a small train set on the table. All of that was done in commemoration of this being the 10th anniversary of LEGO Creator modular buildings, so I do get it. But, I will probably remove all of that and make the apartment more homey. I also want that modular box tile in my custom LEGO store (click here to read about it). The changes I will make to this floor are more preferences than complaints, so I won’t really deduct any marks for them. The floor is nicely designed and well detailed.

This is my favorite of the three buildings simply because it is so well designed and full of fun details. I really feel like it is the most well thought out, and I will be making almost no changes to it in my city. It gets a full 100% for build.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the final summary and overall score of Assembly Square!

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