December 10, 2023

Review: Assembly Square [10255 – Part III]

Today, I will take an in depth look at the build for the café building. If you are just joining me today, you can read the other parts of the review by clicking on the following links:

Summary of Assembly Square – Part III

BUILD: 90% (Very nice design over all, though the music shop is a little empty.)


The whole set is assembled on two separate base plates. According to the instructions, this building and part of the flower shop building go on the larger of the two plates. However, it was pointed out to me that you can actually build the café on the smaller plate. This gives you the advantage of being able to place this building separate from the rest in your own city layouts. There is a little path between the buildings that you would sacrifice if you did this though. I opted to build mine the way the instructions had it laid out.

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) café building.

This building is entirely a commercial one. The bottom floor is, of course, the café. I really like the exterior design of this floor. The awnings and windows are well designed. There are large windows on both sides of the café, which makes for interesting lighting effects when you are photographing it from the outside. The patio tables and chairs have a new design that I have not seen before, and quite like. The interior has a couple of places to sit, with tables. I really like the little printed pie slices. There is a counter with a cash register, and a coffee machine behind it. The arch leading to the back room is a nice touch. You can see the stairs that lead to the next floor from in the coffee shop, but you can’t access them. There is another door on the side of the building for that. I would have preferred if they were not visible, but I guess that would have taken up more space. The area under the stairs is also entirely unused.

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) coffee shop.

The second floor is the music shop. It has a small counter with a cash register, a couple of guitars on the walls, a drum set, and a saxophone on display. The overall feel is a little empty, and I would have liked if they had included a little more. Maybe a record stand or something. The cash register is a little bland as well. I will probably fill mine up a little more, but in general, I do like it.

The top floor is a dance studio. There is a really nicely designed piano on this floor. I think I would have liked if the piano was included in the music store below, and a boom box or sound system was placed up here. I might make that change. Otherwise, I have no issues with the space being mostly open. The Minifigures do need space to dance around after all. There are stairs leading up to the roof access hatch as well, and I like the mirror and bar on the wall.

Overall, this is a great building with superb exterior detailing. My only complaints are the emptiness of the music store, and the visibility of the stairs that you can’t access from inside the café. Neither of these is a huge issue in my mind though, and I could easily fix them without altering the look of the building much at all. I give this part of the Assembly Square build 9/10.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next part of my review! Until then,