December 7, 2023

LEGO Review: Assembly Square [10255 – Part II]

This review has been divided into parts. Use the links below to help you navigate:

The second part of my Assembly Square review will focus on the Minifigures. You get eight in this set, along with many accessories, a bird, a dog, and a baby. In keeping with previous Creator modular buildings, all of the Minifigures in this set have same classic smiling face that the original Minifigures all had. I know this was a conscious decision from LEGO for this series of sets, but I always find myself wishing there was a little more to their expressions.

Summary of Assembly Square – Part II

MINIFIGURES: 44% (These characters are generic, and the brick-to-Minifig ratio is pretty bad.)


The first character that you put together is the flower shop clerk. She comes with a grey hairpiece, a classic Minifigure face, a front and back printed purple top, and plain beige pants. Normally, I would not give her a very high design score since she is even more generic than most City theme Minifigs. But, the flower shop has so many accessories (broom, shovel, bird) that I will give her a 7/10.

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) flower store clerk.

In the same bag set as the flower shop clerk, you also get the pastry chef for the bakery. Again, he is pretty generic. He wears a chef’s hat, has the classic face print, a chef’s top, and plain grey pants. On account of accessories again (an oar to access baked goods in the oven, printed tile pastries, a pretzel, and a croissant), I will also give him 8/10.

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) pastry chef.

Next up is the barista from the coffee shop. I like this Minifigure, despite her generic face. She wears the same apron as the barista from the City Square set (click here to read my review), and Larry from the LEGO Movie Minifigures series. I really like that LEGO has developed their own imaginary chain of coffee shops, and that there is continuity between sets and themes. This Minifigure has a very detailed torso with both front and back print. Her apron is also printed onto the front of her legs. Additionally, the coffee shop comes with two really neat printed pie slices, and of course, two LEGO cups. This Minifig gets an extra point for detail, and earns 9/10 with her accessories.

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) barista.

The fourth set of bags also come with two Minifigures. The first is the photographer. He comes with a moustache, and wears a baret. His torso is the same grey hoodie as the wheel chair guy from last summer’s Fun in the Park. He doesn’t really have any accessories, but it my mind the Chihuahua just fits with him. His legs are plain, dark tan. I give him 6/10.

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) photographer.

The other Minifig in the fourth set of bags is the dentist. He’s got sandy hair, and his torso is a dentist’s scrubs with some tools printed onto the front, as well as some details on the back. His legs are plain brown. He comes with a bunch of tools, including a couple of syringes, a baton of some sort, and a wrench (I guess for pulling out teeth?) He also gets 7/10.

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) dentist.

The fifth set of bags comes with a ballerina and the music store sales man. The ballerina has the same hair as Abby from the Ghostbusters Ecto 1 & 2 set. She has a pink top with butterflies on it, and the same tutu as the ballerina from Minifigures Series 15. Her legs are plain white. She doesn’t have any accessories except for the tutu. I give her 5/10.

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) ballerina.

The music store owner has quite the widow’s peak. He wears a plaid shirt that has both front and back print, but also has plain pants. He has two guitars and a saxophone for sale in the store, which I count as his accessories. He gets 7/10.

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) music store clerk.

The final Minifigure is the lady who lives in the top floor apartment. She has light blue zip-up hoodie with a purple star t-shirt underneath. She has the common ponytail hairpiece. Her accessory is the baby figurine. Not much to her design, she gets 5/10.

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) mother and baby.

The average of the design scores for these Minifigures is 68%. You get eight of them in a kit with 4002 bricks. That means there is a brick-to-Minifigure ratio of one Minifig for every 500 bricks. That is pretty low, and only earns this set a ratio score of 20%. Combining these two scores gives an overall Minifigure score of 44%. While not a very good grade, it is not surprising for a large Creator set like this. They tend to have a low number of characters for the number of bricks. The characters also all have the same generic face, and tend to not be very detailed. These modular buildings really are all about the building, and not the characters.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for part III of my Assembly Square review. We’ll have a look a closer look at the café building!

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