September 25, 2023

Review: Assembly Square [10255 – Part IV]

Today’s review will focus on the flower shop building in the middle of Assembly Square. If you are just joining me today, you can use the links below to navigate to other parts of this review:

Of the three buildings, this one is probably the least detailed on the interior. The exterior is great, with a roof design reminiscent of the Parisian Café, and a general look similar to the Brick Bank.

Summary of Assembly Square – Part IV

BUILD: 85% (Love the exterior, but the flower shop and studio need more detail.)

LEGO Assembly Square [10255] flower shop building.


The bottom floor of this building is the flower shop. The exterior looks great with its big windows and flower sign. There is a small shelving unit to one side of the door with some flowers for sale on it. The other side has a bin with a large broom and shovel. Inside, there is a flower display in front of one of the windows. The other window is left open for customers to access the cash for payments. There is also a doorway leading to the bakery next door. I like the design of the counter. It has one of those liftable counter tops that allows the clerk to get behind the cash, but can be lowered to block customers. There is also a shelving unit behind the cash with some pre-bundled bouquets for purchase. Off in the back corner there is a door leading outside, and a parrot loosely resembling a Hyacinth Macaw. My only complaint about the flower shop is that it could have had a better use of space. Instead of three different entrances, they could have sealed one up and filled the corner with a fridge for cut flowers, or some potted plants for sale.

The second floor houses the photographer’s studio. It is a little bland in my opinion. It is a small space, so you can’t really fit much, but I feel like more could have been done with the space. On one wall, there is a white screen. On the other wall, there is a little shelving unit and a photo on the wall. It is the same photo seen on the office wall in the Brick Bank, so I guess the bank manager had his portrait taken here. In the middle of the floor is an old fashioned camera. The build for the camera is neat, as is the way that it attaches to the floor using a sort of hinged tripod system. The only way to access the studio is through the dentist’s office, so I guess people are having their smiles whitened first. I wish they had included a mirror here, and a table where people could freshen up or something before their photos. There is also no space for the photographer to develop or work on his photos.

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) photographer’s studio.

The top floor of this building is a roof-top barbeque/patio area. There is a wood burning stove, as well as a table and chairs set up. A ladder leads up to the roof of the building next door. As I was building this set, I was a little worried that this would turn into another apartment of some sort with not much too it except a cooking space. I was pretty happy when it turned out to be just a recreational space for the apartment next door. As it is, it is a nice little touch, and the wood burning stove is nicely designed.

LEGO Assembly Square (10255) rooftop patio.

Overall, like with the café building, this one looks amazing from the outside. The first floor flower shop is nice, but could have had a better use of space instead of three doors. The second floor photo studio could also have been planned better as well. I do like the patio area on the roof though. This set loses half a mark for the flower shop, and a full mark for the photo studio. Otherwise, I love this building, and it gets 8.5/10.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my review of the bakery building!

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