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LEGO® Art Kits Coming Soon

2020 is the going down as the year that the LEGO® Group truly embraces the AFOL community. They already announced several sets aimed at the 18+ crowd. Incidentally, these included the Haunted House (10271), Crocodile Locomotive (10277), and Mickey & Minnie Buildable Characters (43179). With more adults looking for new ways to decrease stress, and mounting evidence that LEGO® bricks

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Summer 2020 Superheroes Pics

While the Wonder Woman 1984 film was postponed by a couple of months, the LEGO® set associated with it is out. We reported on that some time ago (click here to see it). In addition to that, the LEGO® Group recently officially announced the upcoming wave of new comic book themed sets. In this post, we take a closer look

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Captain America

A review of the Captain America’s Motorcycle polybag So, I finally found the time to squeeze in a trip to the movies. Coincidentally, I happened to see Captain America: Civil War on the same weekend as the free Captain America polybag offer at the LEGO Store. I got the polybag first, and then got all pumped to put it together

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