December 2, 2023

It is rare these days that the LEGO® Group gets to announce their own sets. The internet is constantly bustling with information about upcoming releases well before an official press kit or website page goes up. This latest news has been making the rounds of Internet forums all week. The Avengers Tower leak concerns the latest UCS-style set aimed at adult collectors of LEGO® sets. There is no official word on the Canadian price or release date yet. However, the rumour mill consensus indicates it comes out on Black Friday (November 24, 2023) with a price tag of $525 USD. If that information is correct, it places this set in the vicinity of $850 CAD.

What we know so far:

  • NAME: Avengers Tower
  • SET #: 76269
  • THEME: Marvel Superheroes
  • COST: $850 CAD (speculatively)
  • BRICK COUNT: 5201
  • MINIFIGURES: 29 + 1 big-fig +1 micro-fig
  • RELEASE DATE: November 24, 2023
Avengers Tower Leak minifies

This marks the fourth Avengers Tower set to hit the market. We have seen Attack on Avengers Tower from 2015, the Avengers Tower GWP from 2019, and Avengers Tower Battle from 2020. Of course, the new set will be significantly larger, standing 90 cm tall. It is also the largest Marvel set to date in terms of piece count, topping both the Daily Bugle and the Sanctum Sanctorum by leaps and bounds. Additionally, the new Avengers Tower will be the eighth largest LEGO® set of all time, if I am not mistaken.

The Avengers Tower looks amazing. I love the curved edges and the use of small windows to give the illusion of it being larger than it already is. And now, people who’ve complained that the Daily Bugle is too tall compared to modulars will have a taller building to place with it. Incidentally, the Daily Bugle stands at 82 cm high. However, one contentious issue is sure to get people talking… the price. The LEGO® Group continues to pump out these large, expensive sets with great frequency. I get comments and messages all the time about how LEGO® is pricing themselves outside of the budget of most collectors. I will probably skip this set for that same reason as well as the fact that it’s just too big. There’s nowhere to put it. What do you think? Let me know in the comments or reach out on social media.

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6 thoughts on “Avengers Tower Leak

  1. Okay, I see what they did with the windows now. Thanks for mentioning that. When I first saw pictures of this, it looked so absurdly large that I couldn’t believe it was a real.

  2. I have to order most things online and it’s getting harder to even get these big sets in good condition, even if I could afford essentially 1000$. Looks great but this is probably going to be skipped also…

      1. I buy alot of sets, some to build and some to put away. The daily bugle came ripped up so I got a good chunk off on it but when I ordered a second one……..I customized it and made it 2 sets of windows wider and 2 floors taller, with 2 holes in the walls. It’s as tall as what the the Avengers tower comes to. Not counting the giant 2 foot antenna I have lol

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