October 1, 2023

Disney Villains Assemble! A Minifigure Recap

Disney Villains are among the most memorable in film history. They’re fun to hate and even more fun to cheer on (give-or-take). I recently took a look at the new Villain Icons (43227) set and loved it. In it we get four iconic and awesome villain minifigures. Each minifig is a new design or character and therefore exclusive to the set. Even without the minifigures, this is still a great set. It’s also a smart way to get villain characters into a build. Prior to this all the villain characters can be found in the Collectible Minifigures Series. So what gives? Why aren’t the villains getting any play inside regular system sets? It’s a curious feature. Being Disney, I suppose there’s a desire to downplay the bad folk and stick to the heroes. You know, teach the kiddos to be good.

After building the Villain Icons set, you will notice a few villains are referenced but not included. You build a cassette for Ursula, a playing card for the Queen of Hearts and a pocket watch for Captain Hook – but none of them are present. Well fear not as they are already available as minifigures from the last three CMF series. So if you have ’em, add ’em. It’s a very smart move to reference characters that you may have already. To make the collection complete I needed Hook and the Queen.

Villains Unite

I picked up Hook on Bricklink and purchased the Queen in store as she just recently came out in the Disney 100 CMF series 3. Cap’n Hook was a fairly expensive purchase at $15 CAD for a sealed bag. And although prices for CMF bags have gone up over time, she was standard MSRP at $5.99 CAD. Ursula has been in my collection since the first CMF series in 2016. She’s one of my all-time favourite baddies and I picked her up immediately (along with Ariel). The one drawback is that none of these figs will have a dedicated spot. So they will have to live on the outside. Or, if you’re like me, you can add them to the rest of the Disney Villains.

The full line-up of referenced villains in the set.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

There’s currently 15 villain minifigures to collect. The four in the Villain Icons set is a quick way to get a quarter of the way complete. That leaves 11 more baddies spread across all three CMF series. A healthy six are currently in the Disney 100 series 3: Evil Queen, Dr. Facilier, Queen of Hearts, Ernesto, Cruella and Prince John. You can currently purchase these for $5.99 CAD each. That leaves two in series 2 (Hades, Jafar), and three in series 1 (Ursula, Hook, Syndrome). Well technically it’s four in series 1 as Maleficent first appeared in that set. But since she’s in the Villain Icons set, I don’t need a duplicate. I had Jafar kicking around so that left me Hades and Syndrome to pick up. They were fairly affordable in a sealed bag for $6 CAD. So for not that much of an investment I got the whole lot of ’em for fairly close to retail. If you’ve been collecting all the Disney CMFs then you’re also pretty much done.

Putting them all together is fun. Seeing them in a line-up is hilarious and I appreciate how iconic they all are. And man does Disney ever code their villains in purple, red and/or black. I guess you can’t make it more clear than that for younger audiences. Below is a summary of the Villains in CMF Series 1 and 2 and their current Bricklink prices. Tom has a nice in-depth review for Series 3 already, so check that out for a lot more detail on those figs. Captain Hook and Ursula are clearly the most popular of the bunch. Sorry Syndrome, that can’t be good for his already fragile ego.

UrsulaTridentCMF Series 12016$10.51
Syndrome2×2 printed tileCMF Series 12016$5.66
Captain HookSwordCMF Series 12016$15.15
HadesFlames (x2)CMF Series 22019$4.38
JafarStaffCMF Series 22019$6.58
List of the Disney villains found in the first two CMFs and their average Bricklink prices.

The Never Ending Story

I love a good minifigure collection. If you’ve read my previous posts you know I have a complete The LEGO®️ Batman Movie minifig collection (my pride and joy!). I’ve also written about my ongoing Star Wars stormtrooper minifigure display. There’s also in the seemingly unending task of getting all the Marvel MCU and current Harry Potter minifigs. Both of those collections are now at 200+ minifigures! Thankfully with Disney, I’m setting my goals a little less thoroughly. Getting all the available Villains will not break the bank even if you start now.

With all that said, what famous villains are still missing? I would love to see minifigs for Yzma, Mother Gothel, Shan Yu, Lady Tremaine, Governor Ratcliffe and most-of-all, Judge Frollo. I doubt we’ll ever see anything from The Hunchback of Notre Dame though because of the religious subject matter. Non-human characters like Scar and Shere Khan will need to be molded figures in a set. And here’s hoping for just that! The recent Bambi and Dumbo figures in the Walt Disney Tribute Camera (43230) may be a nice foreshadowing of what’s still on the way. And look below, purple. All the sinister purple!

So that’s the Disney villains friends. I hope we see many more characters soon. The released minifigs are all superb. So getting more of our favourite baddies would be awesome. But what do you think of the current line-up? What other characters are you hoping for? And do you have all these baddies in your collection too? Comment below and in all the usual places. Thanks as always for reading and until next time, keep on brickin’. 🧱

– Frank

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