June 3, 2023

Disney 100 Minifigures Feel Guide

The time has come for a new LEGO® Minifigures feel guide! Sadly, this is also the last Minifigures feel guide True North Bricks will produce. Starting around August with the launch of the next Minifigures Series, the LEGO® Group is switching to carboard boxes for all future CMF series. Consequently, feeling the packages for specific characters will no longer be possible. That also means that feel guides will officially be a thing of the past. So, let’s roll up those sleeves and dive in one last time for the Disney 100 Minifigures feel guide!

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NOTE: The LEGO® Group sent these characters to True North Bricks for review. However, the provision of products does not guarantee a favorable review. I will provide my honest opinion about these characters.

Disney 100 Minifigures.
Each half of the box represents one complete set of Disney 100 Minifigures.

Notes on Packaging

The Disney 100 Minifigures series features a whopping 18 characters. The last few series came with 12 unique characters. Even in the early days of collectible Minifigures, the most we ever saw was 16. With that said, the Disney 100 box is pretty full and there are not many copies of any given character. In fact, a fresh box only comes with two complete sets of characters. There are 36 blind bags total in the box upon opening, and each half of the box houses one complete sets of Disney minifigs. So, if you are lucky enough to be in store when they pull out a new box, there is no actual need to feel anything. I still recommend double checking though.

NOTE: the distribution I found in my box matches that of three other fan media sites that I know of. However, I have received word of at least one box in Canada that apparently did not. Double check your minifigs, even if you get a new box.

Disney 100 Minifigures box

Interestingly, a number of characters in this series come double bagged. With Series 24, only two characters (the Falconer and the Orc) came packaged with a bag inside a bag. It was a telltale sign that helped you narrow things down. For the Disney characters, double bagging is quite common and will not help you much in determining what you have in hand. While I would not say that this is a difficult series to feel through, there are still a few tricky bits that might score you the wrong character if you’re not careful. As always, I recommend you feel each bag for two items to help you determine which character you have.

Character organization in the box:

18. Baymax
17. Aurora
16. Mulan
15. Queen of Hearts
14. Dr. Facilier
13. Tiana
12. Robin Hood
11. Prince John
10. Oswald the Rabbit
09. Ernesto
08. Miguel
07. Cruella de Vil
06. Pocahontas
05. Evil Queen
04. Stitch
03. Jiminy Cricket
02. Pinocchio
01. Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse
18. Baymax
17. Aurora
16. Mulan
15. Queen of Hearts
14. Dr. Facilier
13. Tiana
12. Robin Hood
11. Prince John
10. Oswald the Rabbit
09. Ernesto
08. Miguel
07. Cruella de Vil
06. Pocahontas
05. Evil Queen
04. Stitch
03. Jiminy Cricket
02. Pinocchio
01. Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse
Front of box
Disney 100 Minifigures box front

General Thoughts on the Series

I like Disney movies, but I am not a huge fan of several of the movies featuring these characters. I’ve not seen anything containing Oswald, nor have I seen Coco. While I have seen the Princess and the Frog, Big Hero 6, Fantasia, Pinocchio, Lilo and Stitch, 101 Dalmatians, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, I don’t really remember them. I’ve seen each once, and they didn’t leave enough of an impression to watch again. As such, I find it hard to get excited about the Disney 100 collection. Especially since I absolutely love Series 24. As the follow-up to one of my all-time favorite series, Disney 100 had some big shoes to fill. With that said, the series has some characters of note. Namely, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse, Pocahontas, Mulan, Prince John, and Robin Hood. All those characters feature in some of my favorite Disney movies.

Interestingly, a number of these minifigs have shoe printing. I am not sure that I like it. That is not new among Minifigures, but I’ve always been on the fence about it. It seems it is becoming more common. While it works in some cases, it looks odd in others. For example, foot printing works on characters like Baymax, Ernesto, and Mulan in this series. However, the LEGO® Group cannot print on the inside of the foot, on top of it, or around corners. Consequently the shoe looks bad on characters like Robin Hood, Mickey, and Pinocchio. Perhaps I’m in the minority with this thinking, but I think the LEGO® Group needs print the whole foot on some characters, or nothing at all. Semi-printed shoes just don’t look good in my opinion.

Disney 100 Minifigures blind bag

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse

If we’re going through the box in order of appearance, Mickey is the first character you’ll come across in a new box. He is also pretty easy to figure out. The head and wizard’s hat are one, solid piece. You can easily feel the conical shape of the had and the round ears jutting out from under it. With that said, if you feel it at the wrong angle, it may be hard to determine what you’ve got. Another easy item to find is the rod piece that forms part of the broom. However, don’t rely on that alone. The Evil Queen and Dr. Facilier have similar feeling elements. The sweeping end of the broom is a separate piece though. Mickey’s bucket also comes in two parts, the bucket and the handle. The bling bag contains two handle pieces.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey is probably one of the more anticipated characters of this series. At least, he was for me. I never particularly liked Fantasia as a movie, but I did enjoy the sorcerer clip this character hails from. This minifig is nicely detailed, right down to his dual-molded legs with tri-color printing. That’s right, there’s red, blue, and yellow print on them. However, the yellow shoe printing is not very well done. With that said, Mickey is definitely one of the strongest characters in the Disney 100 Minifigures series.


Pinocchio is easy to find because the blind bag contains two headpieces. However, that by itself does not guarantee that you have Pinocchio. Miguel also comes with two headpieces. What sets Pinocchio apart is his nose. If you feel both heads in the blind bag, one of them will have a little peg sticking off of it. Another item to feel for is the hat. It has a conical shape, but is smaller than Mickey’s. Additionally, you will feel the hair molded onto the hat around the bottom edge. Pinocchio also comes with the short, moving legs.

I was never really a big fan of the Pinocchio film. I remember seeing it once as a kid and not really liking it. I do find this minifig interesting on account of the nose though. I think this is the first time the LEGO® Group has ever produced a character with a molded on nose. However, Pinocchio has the same odd shoe printing as Mickey, albeit slightly better execution. At least Pinocchio’s shoe coloring covers the corners of his feet.

Jiminy Cricket

You need to be a little bit careful when searching for Jiminy Cricket. The top hat is easy to find in the blind bag, but Jiminy is not the only character to come with that accessory. Dr. Facilier from the Princess and the Frog also has a top hat. The second feature to look for is the umbrella as only Jiminy Cricket has one of those. This character is also double bagged, making the package feel thicker. Finally, if you are good at feeling packets, you’ll note that Jiminy comes with stumpy, unmoving legs. The rigid nature of the piece is something you can feel for.

Disney 100 Minifigures Jiminy Cricket

I get that Jiminy Cricket is supposed to be small compared to Pinocchio. However, making Jiminy a Minifigure always meant the proportions compared to Pinocchio were going to be off. Consequently, I don’t see why the LEGO® Group gave him the unmoving legs. This piece needs to be retired already. I don’t like when Minifigures cannot sit down or be fully posed. Interestingly, this character included two cloth collar elements. They were stuck together pretty well though, so I don’t know if this was a mistake or not.


Stitch is another character with stumpy, unmoving legs. So, while I don’t like that feature, it might help you find the character. However, the head piece with the large ears is the easiest object to find. The ears make the piece easily discernable. I generally do not suggest feeling for common parts like the torso, but in this case you might want to. Stitch has modified parts that give him four arms instead of two. Finally, the the blind bag contains two ray guns.

Disney 100 Minifigures Stitch

I know this is a popular character with many people. However, I am rather unexcited about it. I saw Lilo and Stitch once and that was enough for me. I barely remember the film. Plus, we already got a Stitch Minifigure in Disney series 1. With all the characters available in the Disney catalog, a rehash is not the best way to go for the 100th anniversary series. I feel like this wave should be filled with characters we’ve never gotten as Minifigures before.

The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen is another double-bagged character due to her cape and collar elements. She also comes with a dress piece and no legs. However, the easiest item for me to find was the magic mirror. It is actually an oval shield piece that mounts on a flagpole. The flagpole was also easy to find, but easily confused with Mickey’s broomstick or Facilier’s staff. The queen’s crown is molded to a rounded skullcap piece, similar to the bald head top or Darth Maul’s horn piece. The blind bag I opened contained two crown elements.

Despite not being a huge fan of the Snow White film, I like this character. Her garb goes well with medieval Minifigure scenes. The crown element doesn’t have very wide applicability beyond this character though. Not too many other minifigs have an entirely black hood around their face to match the skullcap. It could be used as a display piece on a MOC shelf or store window though. Just put it on an unprinted, black Minifigure head. I’ll go so far as to say I think this is one of the better characters in the Disney 100 series.

Disney 100 Minifigures Evil Queen


I found this blind bag to be fairly non-descript the first time I found one. Pocahontas does not have much in terms of unique, easy to feel pieces. The easiest item to search for is the her large, windswept hairpiece. However, the blind bag also contains leaf elements that are unique to this character in the series, they are just not large and easy to feel. Finally, you can feel for the 1×1 round tile that serves as her compass. However, don’t rely on that tile because Pocahontas is not the only character with a 1×1 round tile. Dr. Facilier and Prince John also come with that element, while Cruella and Baymax have similar feeling pieces.

Disney 100 Minifigures Pochahontas

Of all the characters in this series, Pocahontas is of I was most looking forward to. I enjoyed the movie when I was younger, and my sister and I have fun memories to go along with the soundtrack. Part of me wishes this minifig came with Percy though… I suppose Meeko would make more sense, but I was always a Percy fan. Maybe they’re waiting just around the river bend…

Pocahontas makes my favorite characters list from the Disney 100 Minifigures series.

Cruella de Vil

While the Cruella blind bag contains a number of elements, I found her to be one of the more non-descript characters that was a bit harder to identify. She comes double bagged, but so do a number of other characters. The blind bag also contains a dalmatian puppy, but it is inside the second bag and hard to identify. However, Cruella’s hairpiece feels like it has two buns on it. This threw me off because I imagined them being behind the head and I could not think of a character in the series who would come with buns. As it turns out, they are Cruella’s tufted bangs. Finally, the blind bag comes with a 1×1 tile which is rounded on one side and square on the other. It is hard to find, and Baymax also comes with this element, so be careful using it as an identifier.

I saw 101 Dalmatians as a kid when it was re-released in theaters… I’m not old enough to have seen the original run from the 1960s. In fact, I probably saw one of the re-re-re-releases. But, I digress… This movie was not one of my favorites. With that said, Cruella has appeared in several films and series, making her an iconic Disney villain. Why a fashion designer would want to make fur coats out of puppy fur? Who knows. I certainly don’t know anyone who would want to buy one. This Minifigure is nicely detailed with an amazing double-sided face. The puppy element is also new, so hopefully we see more of those in other themes and collections. However, she does have those weird shoe prints that don’t really cover the tops or corners of her feet.

Disney 100 Minifigures Cruella de Vil


This blind bag is packed with accessories. However, you have to be careful using most of them as identifying traits. Miguel comes with two heads for alternate looks. But remember, Pinocchio also come with two head elements (though one has a nose). Miguel also has a guitar, but so does Ernesto. Miguel has short, moving legs, but so does Pinocchio. What you really want to look for is the hood element and the hairpiece. Miguel comes with both to complete the aforementioned alternate looks. I also found the dog to be a big help. It is the typical German Shepherd mold we all know from the City theme.

I have very little to say about this character because I have never seen the movie he is in. With that said, I love the hoodie elements and the painted skull face. Additionally, it never hurts to get more short, moving legs. I am phasing all of the stumpy, non-moving variety out of my LEGO® displays because I really don’t like them.

Disney 100 Minifigures Miguel


Ernesto is fairly easy to find thanks to his large sombrero. Interestingly, the hat is a new element with molded on hair that is different from previous sombreros in past Minifigure series. Otherwise, Ernesto’s only other accessory is a guitar, which is not unique to the character. So, if you find a guitar first, remember you might be holding Ernesto or Miguel.

Despite knowing nothing about this movie, I was really looking forward to this Minifigure. The detailing on it is amazing. I’ve never seen a guitar with so much printing before. Additionally, changing out the skull for a regular minifig head gives you another member for your mariachi band if you’ve collected the past sombrero wearing Minifigures as well.

Despite never seeing Coco, Ernesto is one of my favorite characters from the Disney 100 Minifigure Series because of his amazing detailing.

Oswald the Rabbit

Oswald has to be the easiest character to find in the Disney 100 Minifigures series. His large, bulbous head and jutting ears are all one piece. The ears in particular make the Minifigure easy to identify because no other character has anything that feels even remotely similar. Additionally, Oswald comes with a 1×2 tile. However, if that is the first item to you feel in the blind bag, look for something else as well. Dr. Facilier also comes with a 1×2 tile.

Prior to learning of the Disney 100 Minifigures Series, I had never heard of Oswald. What an obscure character to include in this series. He looks like a Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse knockoff. This is the weakest character in the series in my opinion, and I could have done without it. The time and resources that went into designing this unique head that will probably never be used again would have been better used to bring a better loved Disney character to life. But, that’s just my two cents.

Oswald the Rabbit from the Disney 100 Minifigures series.

Prince John

Prince John is easy to identify simply using his headpiece. The crown is molded onto the head, and you can easily feel it through the blind bag. Additionally, John’s snout is distinct on one side of the head right under the crown. This blind bag also includes two 1×1 round tiles printed as coins. We’ve seen these elements before, notably with the Troubadour from Series 22. However, don’t rely on the coins alone to identify the character. Pocahontas and Facilier also have 1×1 round tiles, while Cruella and Baymax have parts that feel similar. Finally, Prince John comes with a sac accessory.

Robin Hood was one of my favorite Disney movies when I was a kid. So, it’s fun to have this character in Minifigure form. While the sac and coin accessories certainly make sense as inclusions in the blind bag, I do find myself wishing the character came with Sir Hiss instead. A slight modification to the Nagini/Python mold to accommodate a hat would have worked. Slap on a little cloth cape and you would have a great Sir Hiss.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is another character with a large, solid headpiece that includes the hat molded on. I found his head difficult to figure out when feeling the packet. It didn’t really help me to identify the character because it felt quite amorphous. The bow and arrow were the easiest item to identify in this blind bag, and they are unique to the character. Additionally, Robin Hood came with two fox tail elements. If you are familiar with the bushy, rubbery-feeling tail of the fox, racoon, and wolf costume characters from series past, you’ll recognize this element. If you’re really good at feeling packets, you might also find the feather that sticks into Robin Hood’s Hat.

Honestly, I was a little surprised this character made the Disney 100 cut. I didn’t know he was that popular. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED Disney’s Robin Hood as a kid. I had it on VHS and I watched it over and over again. It thought it was so funny, especially Lady Cluck’s football charge. I guess I underestimated the popularity of the character and film. Regardless, I am thrilled the character (and Prince John) made the series. This is my favorite minifig in the Disney 100 collection. With that said, Robin Hood’s shoe printing looks off.

Disney 100 Minifigures Robin Hood
For sentimental reasons, Robin Hood is my favorite character from the Disney 100 Minifigures Series.


Tiana is another non-descript package to feel. She is easily confused with other characters since the easiest piece to find in the blind bag is the large dress element. However, the Evil Queen and Sleeping Beauty also have that same piece. Additionally, Tiana’s hairpiece with the bun is small, so you’ll have to feel carefully to find it. The telltale elements for this character are really the frog (also small and hard to find) and the 2×3 printed tile. While the crownpiece is identifiable (it feels like a clipped fingernail), you can’t rely on it because Aurora also comes with that element.

I can’t say that I know much about the Princess and Frog. I remember I saw it during its original theatrical run… but I have not seen it since and barely remember the film. With that said, I do remember it takes place in New Orleans. So, on my recent vacation in the city, I brought Tiana along to get a photograph of her on site. These photos were taken in Jackson Square, New Orleans.

Disney 100 Minifigures Tiana
These photos of Tiana were actually taken in Jackson Square, New Orleans on my recent visit to the city.

Dr. Facilier

Similar to Jiminy Cricket, Dr. Facilier also includes a top hat. However, where Jiminy comes with an umbrella, Facilier has a rod element. The blind bag also includes a number of 1×1 round elements to complete his staff. Finally, Dr. Facilier also comes with a 1×2 printed tile that serves as a tarot card. All of the elements that come with this character are easy to confuse with other Disney 100 Minifigures, so I recommend feeling for multiple identifying traits.

Similar to Tiana, I don’t remember much about Dr. Facilier from the Princess and the Frog movie. However, he is a great looking Minifigure. I love the skull and bones top hat design and the alligator teeth on his necklace. This character was an unexpected highlight from the series for me. I also brought this character to New Orleans with me and I got a special guest to open the blind bag up for a Minifigure Monday entry. Be sure to check it out!

Dr. Facilier from the Disney 100 Minifigures Series
Dr. Facilier was an unexpected favorite of mine from the Disney 100 Minifigures series.

Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is another double bagged character. The majority of the parts come inside the second, interior bag. However, the large dress brick and collar are outside of it. The dress piece is really what you’re looking for though. Similar to the Rococo Aristocrat from Series 24, the Queen of Hearts is the only minifig in this series that comes with that piece. It also makes her really easy to find without feeling for anything else. However, if you feel the blind bag carefully, you can also find the heart tiles and wand elements they attach to (two of each). Finally, the Queen’s hair and crown are one molded piece that feels spikey.

I found this character disappointing right from the start. I am not a fan of the face printing. While the angry, alternate face is better than the one shown on the packaging, it still doesn’t quite do it for me. My wife is a big Alice in Wonderland fan, and she was thrilled to hear this character was coming out. However, her reaction to the face print was the same as mine. Regardless, this character will go on display with Alice and the Cheshire Cat from Disney Minifigures Series 1.

Disney 100 Minifigures Series Queen of Hearts


Mulan’s blind bag contains several small 1×1 elements, as well as a 1x1x1 printed, cylindrical brick. However, the best item to feel for is her sword. Mulan is the only character to come with this accessory, and there are actually two of them in the blind bag. Mulan’s hairpiece is also unique as it is relatively flat, lacking the windswept or curled feel of either Pocahontas or Aurora.

Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies. Of course, I am referring to the animated version. I liked the live action movie too, but the animated one holds a special place in my memories. Consequently, Mulan makes my list of the top minifigs in the Disney 100 series. It is cool that she came with Cricket, but it would have been even more awesome if she came with a Mushu figurine. While Mulan has been available as a mini-doll for some time, I am not particularly fond of those. She was overdue as a Minifigure in my opinion.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

You need to be a little careful when searching for Aurora. The largest item in the blind bag is a sloping dress element. However, the Evil Queen and Tiana come with that piece too. Aurora’s owl helps in identification. The owl feels like a rough cylinder overall, but feel both ends carefully. When you find the base where the stud attaches, you should feel a v-shaped space where the tail branches off the body. You can also look for the crown element that attaches to Aurora’s hair. By itself, it feels kind of like a clipped off fingernail through the blind bag. Just remember that Tiana comes with the same piece. Finally, Aurora’s hair is distinct from other characters because you can feel where the shoulder fits in between the main body and the lock that falls forward.

I am neither here nor there about the Sleeping Beauty movie. I found Maleficent from Disney series one more interesting as a character from Sleeping Beauty. Truthfully, this princess is a little bland in my opinion. I suppose you need Aurora in order to have Maleficent though… While not my least favorite character in the Disney 100 series, Aurora is certainly not my favorite either. I suppose I’ve never been much of a fan of the damsel in distress characters. As far as female leads go, Aurora was pretty useless.


I usually tell people to avoid feeling for common parts likes torsos and legs when trying to identify Minifigures. However, with Baymax, that’s exactly what you want to do. Find the torso and feel the arms. They are longer and more bulbous that a standard Minifigure. In fact, no other Minifigure has arms like that. The blind bag also contains a number of smaller elements like 1×1 SNOT plates, 1×1 tiles with rounded edges, and a 1×2 plate with rounded edges. Just be careful using the 1×1 tiles with rounded edges because they are the same element used to represent Cruella de Vil’s purse.

The end…

So concludes my Disney 100 Minifigures feel guide and review. In fact, so concludes my feel guides in general. Blind bags are now a thing of the past. Overall, I am not thrilled with the Disney 100 Minifigures. I know that will be an unpopular opinion… sorry to all those of you who were really waiting for this series. But from my personal perspective, the character selection wasn’t the best and the execution isn’t always great. I like a handful of the characters quite a lot, but I would not have collected this entire series had the LEGO® Group not sent it to me. Of course, this series follows on the heels of Series 24, which is one of my all-time favorites, so it’s hard to compete. What do you think of the Disney 100 Minifigures? Let me know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

Until next time,


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    I guess I shouldn’t have tried to save time….

    You might want to update the article to warn people.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, the feel guide and distribution chart is never guaranteed… But, the distribution in my box matched the distribution found by 3 other fan media sites with early access. Out of curiosity, what did the box look like when they brought it out and opened it?

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