September 29, 2023

Star Wars Troopers Minifigure Collection

Star Wars Week continues with an all-new Minifigure Monday. Yesterday we took a look at the 10 Biggest Star Wars sets. For today’s installment, I will be giving you all a look at my Star Wars troopers minifigure collection. I am all about the minifigures, but for a theme like Star Wars, I tend to narrow my focus to just one area – Troopers! Be they storm, clone, range, shock or scout, I have set my sites on all of them. And to keep my collection from getting out of hand, I also stick to only those figures that appear in the theatrical films. I love Star Wars, but I’m pretty happy I never started a full character collection. I got bills to pay and after 20 years, that’s a lot of tiny plastic people.

Several Clone Troopers have been done as LEGO®️ minifugures. But there’s still more to be made!!

So please join me as we look at Grand Army of the Republic, the Galactic Empire and….ugh, the First Order. Click on the video below to see my collection with some background and a bit of detail. I also talk about the figures I have swapped out over the years as newer, better prints/molds have been introduced. It’s a work in progress but it’s a fun one. Then/or read on for the article, plus the full list of 48 troopers. May the Force (and patience) be with you!


I began my Star Wars troopers collection by accident. I needed to spend just $12 more at The LEGO®️ Store to get the GWP, so I randomly picked up a Star Wars Battle Pack. If I remember right, it was the Utapau Troopers. I love the designs of the prequel troopers, each one is great and they have a lot of variations – especially for clones. So it was a simple purchase at the time, but one that didn’t take long to snowball into a new collecting obsession.

I started doing my research as to what was available or released by that point. I knew I only wanted the more modern, updated troopers because those older open visor designs didn’t do it for me. You don’t realize how much more detail the newer prints and molds have until you see them next to the older stuff. Once I realized I could get what I needed in a reasonable manner, I was off to the races and started buying….and buying….and buying.

The original Phase I & II Clone minifigures vs the modern molds with updated printing. ©2001-2022 The LEGO® Group.

Scouring The Web

The majority of my collection has come from BrickLink. It will always be the best source for minifigures and collecting. I also purchased a few sets (like the Battle Packs) outright as it’s a very fast/economical way to get anything currently on shelves. I try to avoid buying larger or pricier sets just for the minifigures, especially if I don’t want the build. My craziest purchase was without a doubt the EP III Shock Trooper. I bought it off eBay from an Australian seller and took two months to arrive! Thankfully many of the minifigs were just releasing or still current which meant less crazy eBay and BrickLink purchases.

After 6 or so years of collecting I have 48 troopers on display for a pretty thorough representation of the characters. I have them arranged chronologically by film starting with Episode II and ending with Episode IX.

The full collection inside a shadow box with custom shelves


What’s the best way to display minifigures? Ain’t that the question all us AFOLs and collectors struggle with. My main criteria is that it be a closed case or box – because dust is my arch nemesis. Dusting LEGO®️ is a chore and, frankly, no thank-you. And dusting minifigs is even more of a nightmare. With that in mind, shadow boxes are my go-to for display.

For my Star Wars troopers minifigures collection I use a product from Ikea called a Kasseby. Now….full disclosure, this is a discontinued product. I know, I know, awful to show a great solution that you can’t get anymore. My apologies! I managed to get 3 of these while they were still around and one perfectly holds my troopers collection (for now). It’s a great depth, with a hinged glass lid/front and a nice felt back. You can get about 6 studs of depth inside which is perfect for minfigs, small sets and mocs. And it’s a total snap to change/add/remove items from inside since you don’t have to remove a backing. It’s a shame they were retired so fast, but you can find them on eBay, Kijiji or similar sites. Hopefully…

DIY For The Win

For the interior ‘shelving’ I had to be crafty. I bought a bunch of 4 stud wide plates in various lengths and glued them to painted balsa wood. The interior was divided into four equal parts and each shelf was evenly stacked apart. It took a little work, but the results look good and it was affordable. I bricklinked the plates, bought the balsa at an art store, measured twice, cut once and voila. Divided into four, each shelf is just the right height for a minfigure – so long as they aren’t too tall of course. Each trooper is 2 studs apart and that lets me fit 12 minifigures per row, with 13 possible at the max. It’s not too crowded thankfully and each fig gets to stand out.


Here is the full list of my Star Wars troopers minifigure collection with the set, #, release date with MSRP and the current average BrickLink price. I have no idea what I have spent to date. It’s probably a lot more than I remember. I do hunt for deals and will definitely not pay more than a certain amount. I love collecting but I refuse to go overboard on any ONE minfigure. The average cost of the sets is ~$61, and ~$19 CAD for the figs, which isn’t bad. My most valuable figure is the Shock Trooper at ~$90 CAD. Paying average resale price for this entire collection will set you back approximately $910 CAD.

Clone Trooper (Ph I)Clone Troopers vs Droidekas75000Jan 2013$15.99~$12
Clone Trooper CaptainRepublic Gunship75021Jun 2013$149.99~$69
Clone Trooper CommanderAT-TE75019Jun 2013$119.99~$32
Clone PilotRepublic Gunship75021Jun 2013$149.99~$25
Clone Trooper (Ph II)Clone Turbo Tank Microfighter75028Jan 2014$12.99~$33
212th Battalion Clone TrooperUtapau Troopers Battle Pack75036Jan 2014$15.99~$25
212th Airborne Clone TrooperUtapau Troopers Battle Pack75036Jan 2014$15.99~$18
BARC TrooperBattle on Saleucami75037Jan 2014$17.99~$25
Shock TrooperCoruscant Police Gunship75046Jan 2014$59.99~$90
Commander GreeAT-AP75043Jan 2014$79.99~$30
41st Elite Corp TrooperKashyyyk Troopers Battle Pack75035Jan 2014$15.99~$15
501st Legion Clone Trooper501st Legion Clone Troopers75035Aug 2020$39.99~$7
Mimban StormtrooperImerial TIE Fighter75211Apr 2018$89.99~$68
Imperial Patrol TrooperImperial Patrol Battle Pack75207Apr 2018$16.99~$38
Range TrooperImperial Conveyex Transport75217Aug 2018$109.99~$16
Stormtrooper Imperial Trooper Battle Pack75165Jan 2017$16.99~$12
Death TrooperImperial Trooper Battle Pack76165Jan 2017$16.99~$15
Death Trooper CommanderKrennic’s Imperial Shuttle75156Sept 2016$119.99~$38
Scarif ShoretrooperBattle on Scarif75171Sept 2016$64.99~$36
Shoretrooper CaptainTIE Striker75154Sept 2016$89.99~$27
Hovertank PilotImperial Assault Hovertank75152Sept 2016$39.99~$14
TIE Striker PilotTIE Striker Microfighter75161Jan 2017$12.99~$15
Stormtrooper2020 Advent Calendar75279Sept 2020$49.99~$7
SandtrooperDroid Escape9490Jan 2012$24.99~$18
TIE Fighter PilotTIE Defender8087Jan 2010$69.99~$7
SnowtrooperHoth Generator Attack75239Apr 2019$39.99~$8
AT-AT DriverAT-AT75288Aug 2020$199.99~$11
Royal GuardDeath Star Troopers75034Jan 2014$15.99~$6
Scout TrooperAction Battle Endor Assault75238Apr 2019$39.99~$18
Imperial GunnerDeath Star Troopers75034Jan 2014$15.99~$6
First Order StormtrooperFirst Order Battle Pack75132Jan 2016$15.99~$6
Captain PhasmaFirst Order Transporter75103Sept 2015$109.99~$42
TIE Fighter PilotSpecial Forces TIE Fighter75101Sept 2015$89.99~$9
Heavy Assault StormtrooperFirst Order Battle Pack75132Jan 2016$15.99~$6
First Order SnowtrooperFirst Order Snowspeeder75100Sept 2015$49.99~$6
First Order FlametrooperFirst Order Transporter75103Sept 2015$109.99~$7
Stormtrooper Squad LeaderFirst Order Star Destroyer75190Sept 2017$179.99~$21
TIE PilotKylo Ren’s TIE Fighter75179Sept 2017$99.99~$16
Executioner StormtrooperSpecialists Battle Pack75197Jan 2018$16.99~$7
Elite Praetorian Guard (x2)Praetorian Guard Battle Pack75225Jan 2019$19.99~$5
First Order Walker DriverHeavy Assault Walker75189Sept 2017$169.99~$10
StormtrooperPraetorian Guard Battle Pack75225Jan 2019$19.99~$6
Snowtrooper LeaderResistance Y-Wing Starfighter75249Oct 2019$89.99~$8
Sith TrooperSith Troopers75266Jan 2020$19.99~$7
Treadspeeder DriverPasaana Speeder Chase75250Oct 2019$49.99~$8
Sith Jet TrooperSith Troopers75266Jan 2020$19.99~$4
Jet TrooperPasaana Speeder Chase75250Oct 2019$49.99~$11
TOTAL: 48Average:$60.99$19

Sadly there is one figure that requires a much-needed replacement. And naturally it’s one of the rarer and more expensive ones. My standard Phase II clone trooper has …. well, discoloured into a buttery sadness. What is the deal here? I keep the case out of the sun, the figure was in great shape when I picked it up – wha ha happened?? Here’s hoping a new set will finally bring back this most prolific of characters. He was only included in one small microfighter set and never again since. It’s weird. It’s mildly embarrassing. And it’s pretty funny overall.

Stands out like a sore thumb!


Will the Star Wars troopers minifigure collection ever be finished? Not if The LEGO®️ Group keep spitting out new and updated figures it won’t. I have changed out at least 15 figures since starting. As new figures are released, I add to the case and take out any that might be less detailed or repetitive. Troopers from the Original Trilogy have evolved the most, which is to be expected since the theme began in 2001. My original Episode II troopers started on the wrong foot however. I initially bought the designs from The Clone Wars early seasons which are much more cartoonish in look. Only recently have we gotten newer updates to Prequel trooper designs. Let’s hope that continues.

©2001-2021 The LEGO® Group.

The Original and Sequel Trilogies have been pretty thoroughly represented in minifigure form. The Prequels are the last real source for all-new minfigures. Chief among the missing are Commander Cody, quite literally the one figure the fandom has been begging for. Fingers crossed that he shows up with in his Ep III design so we/I can complete the collection. It might take another 20 years but I’ll get it done!

Thanks for reading along and I hope you enjoyed this look at my Star Wars troopers minifigures collection. I appreciate any feedback you have. Am I missing any figures? Do you have a similar or more complete collection? What missing characters would you most want to see next? Please let me know in all the usual places. Thanks for reading and until next time, keep on brickin’. 🧱


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