October 1, 2023

June 2023 LEGO® Haul

From June 9-13, 2023, the LEGO® Group hosted a double VIP points event. Generally, I buy large sets during such events because it allows me to really rack up VIP points. This time around, I toned it down a little. That’s not to say I didn’t have a couple of large sets in mind. However, I decided against a massive purchase for a couple of reasons… not insignificantly, I wasn’t sure I liked what I saw with the big sets in store. I still picked up a few things, so let’s take a look at my June 2023 LEGO® Haul. If you’re curious, I found all this stuff at the LEGO® Store in Laval, Quebec.

Watch a summary of my June 2023 LEGO® haul in my YouTube short!

Let’s start with what I DIDN’T buy. Firstly, the Batcave Shadowbox. I was excited about this set when the LEGO® Group revealed it. While I don’t think it looks like the 1992 Batcave, I was impressed with the marketing images. Plus, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman? SOLD. But then I saw the model in store. The black box was far less impressive in person. Additionally, the front of the shadow box is a big open hole. I knew this before. However, it didn’t look good when opened up on display in my opinion. You need to strategically think about what is behind this set when you display it at home because everyone will see it. If it’s not Batman related, it will ruin your display. If I buy this, I want it displayed open with all my movie Batmobiles in front. Consequently, I’m on the fence about buying it now.

I’m not sure I like the big, open bat logo in the Batcave Shadowbox after seeing it in person…

I opted not to include the Batcave Shadowbox in my June 2023 LEGO Haul.
Seeing the Batcave Shadowbox in person made me realize how uninteresting the open lid is and how it can ruin your Batman displays.

Next on my list, Ninjago City Markets. Again, a much hyped set that intrigued me from the promotional materials. I have the three previous installments, namely Ninjago City, Ninjago City Docks, and Ninjago City Gardens. As I reflect back on the sets, I felt a decreasing wow-factor after the first one. In fact, I have taken them all apart at this point. Part of me wants Ninjago City Markets to complete my collection. Afterall, I might want to build them all again some day and display them. Missing one would suck. But, will I build them again? I only have so much space. Additionally, I saw Ninjago City Markets at the LEGO® Store and felt rather underwhelmed. It is mostly empty space… you can really see that from the overhead view in my YouTube short above. Consequently, I find myself on the fence again.

Ninjago City Markets consists of a lot of empty space when viewed from above…

I opted not to include Ninjago City Markets in my June 2023 LEGO haul.
The promotional images of Ninjago City Markets hide the massive empty spaces in the middle of the set.

Instead, I bought something I knew I would like. I recently reviewed Brachiosaurus Discovery from the Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary collection. I love the Jeep in that set. Additionally, it gives us the first LEGO® brachiosaurus, and I am an avid LEGO® dinosaur collector. Of course, the brachiosaurus is a herd animal, so I can’t have just one. I decided I need at least two in this color. I might buy another… but I am also hoping the LEGO® Group releases this figurine again in a new color. Since I am leaning towards finally building my own Jurassic Park, so I need Jeeps and lots of dinosaurs.

I can never go wrong with more LEGO® dinosaurs.

I bought a second Brachiosaurus Discovery set.

On top of that, I picked up a Pick-and-Build cup. The parts selection was not terribly exciting at the LEGO® Store in terms of novelty. However, there was a lot of useful stuff. I kept a potential Jurassic Park build in mind as I selected my parts. I filled the cup with as many green 2×4 bricks as I could. Those will be important for landscaping rainforest scenes. Jurassic Park also needs amber and a volcano. Trans-orange cheese-slopes help with that. I also got a lot of trans-blue cheese-slopes for waves in deep water. Finally, I picked up some large arches. The Jurassic Park novel mentions underground tunnels throughout the park, and arches help create those.

See my Pick-and-Build selections in my YouTube short!

The LEGO® Store also had a load of new Minifigure parts. This selection is interesting because its the first time the Build-a-Mini tower offers specific characters from a LEGO® theme. In this case, Ninjago fans should be pleased. You can assemble Lloyd, Nya, Kai, Arin, and Sora. I could not find Arin’s hair nor Kai’s actual face while I was at the LEGO® Store. However, there was a lot of people there and I didn’t have the run of the BAM tower. In total, there are seven new characters, and six are specifically from Ninjago. The final character looks like a sporty-type with the LEGO® City sportswear logo on her clothes.

Ninjago fans will be pleased with the summer 2023 BAM selection.

Ultimately, I did not make a huge haul. It technically qualified me for both current GWPs, but I only got one. The LEGO® Store I visited ran out of the Pirate Playground, so all I got was the summer VIP add-on pack. I’m fine with that, I didn’t want the playground anyway. I remain on the fence about the Batcave and Ninjago City Markets… but I might let them slip. I was not as impressed with them in person as with the promotional images. However, both are new and will remain in stores for a while. So, I have time to think about it. Ultimately, I want more focus for my upcoming builds, and I think a custom Jurassic Park might be the way to go. What do you think? Did you do any double VIP points shopping? Let me know in the comments or reach out on social media.

Until next time,


I got the summer VIP add-on pack with my June 2023 LEGO haul

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2 thoughts on “June 2023 LEGO® Haul

  1. Excellent self control Tom. 😂
    I opted for Ninjago City Markets but waited for the 2xVIP points – got the fleece blanket gwp too.
    City and Docks came and went before I rediscovered the love for the brick. Looking forward to connecting markets with city gardens and packing it full of minifigures!

    1. LOL – Thanks, Jon. While I can’t speak for Markets, it’s predecessors really looked great together. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Gardens and Markets together. Packing the sets full of minifigs is always one of the best parts😉. Love that fleece too. I have two of them… One in each sitting room.

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