December 4, 2023

Minifigure Monday – Dr. Facilier

I was out of town last week, as such I did not post a Minifigure Monday article. However, I had a special entry in the series in mind for this week. My trip took me to New Orleans, and I’ve already posted a few shorts and reels on social media documenting the experience. I also filmed a special unbagging and interview of a new minifig from the Disney 100 series for today’s post. While in New Orleans, I visited Voodoo Authentica, an actual Voodoo temple near Jackson Square. While there, I met Raven, voodoo practitioner and Tarot card reader working at Voodoo Authentica. She graciously agreed to be this week’s guest for the Minifigure Monday – Dr. Facilier edition!

Minifigure Monday - Dr. Facilier

Thoughts on Dr. Facilier from Raven:

I like Dr. Facilier. Yeah, he may have been a villain, but also, I kind of look at him as a living version of Baron Samedi. Dr. Facilier was a big trickster, and Baron Samedi is kind of a trickster in a lot of ways. Facilier did tell the prince that he was going to have a lot of money, but not in the way that he expected. I like Dr. Facilier, he kind of made the film, not going to lie. I guess the only reason why I say he made the film was the way he set it all up. He got the prince where he needed to be. It may not have necessarily been the most ideal situation, but at least he was honest. He didn’t technically lie, everything he said was inherently true.

Raven, Tarot card reader at Voodoo Authentica in New Orleans.

From my own perspective, Dr. Facilier was a surprise favorite from the Disney 100 series. I have only seen the Princess and the Frog once, and that was a long time ago. However, this Minifigure is amazing. I love the top hat and face printing. Interestingly, this is the first top hat with a printed design that I am aware of. The alligator tooth necklace also adds a little Louisiana charm to the character. ‘Gator heads are found in many shops around New Orleans.

Minifigure Monday - Dr. Facilier

That concludes this week’s Minifigure Monday – Dr. Facilier edition. A big thanks to Raven from Voodoo Authentica for taking the time to chat. Of course, if you want your own Dr. Facilier minifig, the character is now available in stores as part of the Disney 100 Minifigure series. You can check out the True North Bricks feel guide for information on how to determine if you’ve found him or not. Be sure to tune in again next week for an all new Minifigure Monday, and click here for past posts.

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