September 29, 2023
Minifigures Series 24 Feel Guide

Minifigures Series 24 Feel Guide

The latest collection of LEGO® Minifigures is hitting store shelves. If you’re looking for a specific character, or just hoping to not get doubles, we’ve got you covered! This is the True North Bricks Minifigures Series 24 feel guide. I’ve felt my way through an entire box of Series 24 and these are my tips and tricks for finding each character in the collection. If you follow True North Bricks on social media, you also know I’ve posted individual feel guide episodes for each character on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram over the last several days. I’ve included the YouTube videos below. I’m quite excited because I think this is the best wave of characters we’ve seen in a while. Let’s get started!

NOTE: The LEGO® Group provided this set for free. However, the provision of products does not guarantee a favorable review. I will provide my honest opinion about these characters.

A note on distribution…

Similar to series 23, the distribution of characters in the box was not random. The box I received was organized into five sections. When facing the box, the front left had alternating copies of the Conservationist and Astronaut. On the front right, I found the Falconer and Robot Warrior. In the middle on the left, the Paper Boy alternated with the Carrot Mascot. Meanwhile, in the middle right of the box, there was the T. Rex Costume Fan and the Orc. Finally, across the entire back of the box, I found alternating Rococo Aristocrat, the Rocking Horse Rider, the Football Referee, and the Potter minifigs. The box contained three complete sets of the series.

Minifigures Series 24 packaging

The Falconer

This is one of my favorite Minifigures from the series. I grew up with Black Falcon Knights and I am thrilled to get so many of them over the last couple of years. We’ve seen them in the Creator 3-in-1 Medieval Castle, the Ideas Medieval Blacksmith, and the Lion Knights’ Castle. Additionally, they appeared in the Build-A-Mini station at the LEGO® Store in June 2022. This one features a new design and cape to add to the army.

In terms of finding the character, the easiest item to feel is the falcon. It’s v-shape makes the packet thicker. Additionally, it’s really easy to find. This minifig is also one of two double-bagged characters in series 24, again making the packet thicker. Another trait to use is the bow. Its characteristic arc with a point at the center is easy to feel.

The Robot Warrior

I am neither here nor there about this character. I guess I like it, but I don’t love it. Since I am not currently building anything space related (hence the pics in the Eiffel Tower), I do not have much need for a futuristic robot character. However, experience taught me that you never know when you will need a particular Minifigure. I’ve skipped a few in the past only to wish I had bought them later. I’ve always wanted to build a space scene… Maybe the Robot Warrior will come in handy some day.

In terms of finding this character, feel for a bunch of small, 1×1 pieces. The blind bag contains multiple roller skate pieces, as well as a couple of 1×1 tiles and plates. No other character in the series comes with so many small pieces. Another big giveaway is the helmet. It has two large and two small wing structures coming off of it. Before finding the Orc, I initially thought the helmet could be the Orc’s head. However, the ears and teeth of the Orc are a separate piece from the head, and much smaller than this helmet.

The Orc

This is my favorite character in the Minifigures Series 24 feel guide. It had me from the first picture. The jaw piece with the added ears and teeth is simply amazing. Additionally, the new take on the 2009 Trolls faction emblem is a wonderful Easter egg. I fully intend to go out and buy several more of these just so that I can have an army of orcs at the ready.

The Orc is also easy to identify when it comes to the Minifigures Series 24 feel guide. This character is one of two double-bagged Minifigures. Similar to the Falconer, the Orc has a cape resulting in a second, internal bag bag containing the minifig parts separate from the cape. The large, curved, and jagged edge sword is also easy to feel, as is the teardrop shape of the shield. Finally, I found the jaw piece easy to locate. It is separate from the head and features rubbery, bendable ears.

T. rex Costume Fan

This is another of my favorites from Minifigures Series 24. In general, I enjoy the costume characters. However, I love LEGO® dinosaurs. Consequently, I’m excited to see a costumed minifig in the vein. I hope we get more in the future. A triceratops would be great.

The mask is the easiest item to identify in this blind bag. It is large and chunky. Additionally, you can easily feel the indents where the eyes meet the snout. Carefully feeling along the snout also reveals the opening in the mouth for the face. Another feature to feel for is the tail. My blind bag actually included two tail pieces. It is an smooth, rubbery item, and it feels like a warped cone. The usual leg loops are on the thicker end of the piece.

Rockin’ Horse Rider

I really don’t like this character. Sadly, I think including the Rockin’ Horse Rider in a Minifigures Series was a complete copout. Firstly, I strongly dislike the stumpy, non-moving minifig legs. With shorter, moving legs available, the non-moving kind need to retire. Secondly, we’ve seen kids with this face and hair before. While I am happy to see a new shirt print, this character belongs in a 2023 City set, not the Minifigures series. It is too generic.

With that said, the character is easy to find. The rocking horse is one, large, solid piece. The arcs on the bottom are probably easiest to identify. Otherwise, feeling for the hairpiece with the two pigtails helps. The bling bag also includes a 1×2 jumper plate to secure the rocking horse to the display base.

Football Referee

This character includes some neat details. Firstly, you get new exercise attire. Interestingly, it features the same branding we’ve seen in City sets before. I really like the carry-over and consistency. Secondly, the character has a double-sided face, each with a little microphone. This look is great for a referee, but also for pop-singer. Consequently, the character offers good customization potential. Finally, you acquire a soccer ball without having to buy the Table Football set.

In terms of finding the referee, just look for the soccer ball. It is perfectly round with no studs, so you can’t confuse it for a Minifigure head. Additionally, it is larger than a minifig head. The blind bag also contains two blank, 1×2 tiles that will help in identification. Finally, the referee includes a hairpiece with a bun on the back. Overall, the piece is very smooth and short like a typically male hairpiece, except for that bun.

Rococo Aristocrat

The Rococo Aristocrat is another of my favorites from Minifigures Series 24. I love the old Castles theme, so any Minifigure that goes well with those sets is a hit for me. This character goes well in any Castles court scene, perhaps even sitting the throne as the Queen herself. Additionally, I love novel concepts, and we have not seen a character like this in past Minifigures Series.

In terms of the Minifigures Series 24 feel guide, the Rococo Aristocrat is really easy find because her dress piece is huge. It is a solid block with a rounded top and the typical minifig hip/torso attachment pegs. Her hairpiece is also quite unique, and it feels like a lumpy, rounded cone. Finally, she comes with a small Chihuahua.

The Potter

This is another novel character for the Minifigures series. This collection really hit the nail on the head with a diverse array of fun, new characters. In this case, we’ve got a potter with a head wrap. That is a new piece I have never seen on any Minifigure before. It’s fun that her hands are the same brown as her cup and bowls, making it seem like she’s in the process of molding them.

The biggest giveaway in looking for this character is the head wrap. It feels like a large sea shell. However, I also found the bowls useful in helping me identify this character. The blind bag contained two bowls.

Newspaper Kid

This is one of the cutest characters in Series 24. He looks like a 1920s paperboy with his suspenders and cap. Additionally, I love that the LEGO® Group used the shorter, moving legs for this character and not the stumps they placed on the Rockin’ Horse Rider. The Newspaper Kid’s legs as printed as well with a little patch.

When searching for this character, you need to be a little careful. The slingshot included in the package feels a lot like the piece of bamboo you get with the Conservationist. The Newspaper Kid is most easily identified using the 2×2 newspaper tile. If you’re good at feeling packages, you’ll also be able to use the shorter, moveable legs and hat to help you out.

The Conservationist

Lots of collectors out there are probably searching for this character simply because he comes with the first LEGO® koala! I know I acquire a large number of sets for the animal figurines. This character also comes with a new hat/hairpiece combo to diversify your collection. As a former wildlife biologist, I can always get behind a character like this.

Similar to the Newspaper Kid, you need to be careful here. The blind bag contains one of those typical green plant sprigs you often see attached to carrot elements. It feels very similar to the Newspaper Kid’s slingshot, so look out! Otherwise, the koala feels like an amorphous blob, but you can feel the little clip hands if you’re careful. The baseball cap and hair is easy to find as well. Just feel for the typical bent visor of the cap. The hair flares out right behind it.

The Carrot Mascot

I love that the Carrot Mascot does not skimp on details despite most of them hiding under a giant costume. This character still comes with a double-sided face, as well as front and back torso printing. Additionally, you get an alternate hairpiece so your farmer does not always have to be dressed as a carrot!

In terms of the Minifigures Series 24 feel guide, it is almost impossible to mess up on finding this character. The carrot costume is a huge, unmistakable piece. Additionally, the plant tuft on top is part of the costume, not a separate piece to feel for. The only slightly tricky item is the “Farmer’s Market” sign. It is a flat, 2×2 piece similar in feel to the newspaper tile included with the Newspaper Kid. However, if you feel carefully, the sign is slimmer and has a clip on the back which the newspaper tile does not have.

Brown Astronaut & Space Baby

This is the Minifigure many classic LEGO® Space fans have been waiting for. It is the first time we see the classic astronaut character in brown. Not only that, you get an adorable space baby in blue! The baby features a new head mold with the space helmet and oxygen tank attached. This is a must have for anyone trying to fill their Everyone Is Awesome set with astronauts 🙂

The minifigure helmet is the easiest item to find in this blind bag. We’ve all felt that piece before, be it as a space, motorcycle, or knights’ helmet. However, you can also look for the two-way radio accessory which feels like a 1×2 tile with an antenna sticking off the top. Finally, the blind bag includes a 1×2 tile and the astronaut’s oxygen tank.

Sadly, this is one of the last feel guides True North Bricks will produce. Later in 2023, the LEGO® Group will move away from the foil packaging we’re all used to. Instead, Minifigures will come in cardboard packaging. You can read more about that in the article I wrote a while back. We might still get a series or two before that, but only time will tell for sure. In any case, hopefully this Minifigures Series 24 Feel Guide sets you on the right path. Now get out there and find some Minifigures!

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