December 10, 2023

Minifigure Monday – Apocalypseburg Harley Quinn

Every Monday, I like to celebrate a different LEGO® Minifigure. This week, I am sharing one of the rarest and most valuable Minifigures in my collection. This is Minifigure Monday – Apocalypseburg Harley Quinn edition. You might be thinking: “So what? Another Harley Quinn minifig, big deal. There have been 14 versions already.” Well, let me tell you, I recently found out it is a big deal. This is the most valuable Harley Quinn Minifigure out there, currently averaging around $300 CAD on Bricklink. I saw this character on a recent trip to the United States at Bricks and Minifigs, and they were charging $300 USD (about $400 CAD) for her. While she has always been one of my favorite minifigs, I never realized quite how prized a possession she was until that moment.

Apocalypseburg Harley Quinn

Why is she so coveted by the AFOL community? Well, for starters, this is the only time Margot Robbie’s version of the character from the Suicide Squad films has appeared in minifig form. Additionally, this version of Harley only appeared in one very expensive set. Back in 2019, the LEGO® Group released Welcome to Apocalypseburg as part of the LEGO® Movie 2 theme. It was the largest set in the series, coming with 3178 bricks and a price tag of $399.99 CAD. I was fortunate enough to get a review copy from the LEGO® Group, thus acquiring Apocalypseburg Harley Quinn in the process.

Apocalypseburg Harley Quinn only appeared in one $400 CAD set and is now worth over $300 CAD herself.

Even before I knew she was so valuable, this version of Harley was one of my favorites. In fact, I’ve covered her here at True North Bricks before. Back when I used to produce weekly coloring pages, Apocalypseburg Harley Quinn appeared in one. I also remade the Suicide Squad poster in one of my LEGO-fied posts from back in the day. She has also been on display with my Birds of Prey Minifigures ever since I built and reviewed Apocalypseburg.

I’m still flabbergasted at how much this Minifigure has appreciated over the years. It kind of makes me wonder if other characters in my collection have skyrocketed in similar fashion. I am really bad at keeping track of those sorts of things. Though, technically they have nothing more than sentimental value in my books because I will never sell them. Afterall, I collected each for a reason! That’s it for the Minifigure Monday – Apocalypseburg Harley Quinn edition. Do you have this minifig? Is she on your wish list? Let me know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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2 thoughts on “Minifigure Monday – Apocalypseburg Harley Quinn

  1. Definitely on the wish list! The green lantern in that set as well. Kai from Ninjago City set is another that’s worth about $100 now…and don’t get me started on the star wars minifigs 😳😂
    How do you display your minifigures? Have you fully converted the old CD tower or like me are they in a shoebox of shame waiting for a display home?

    1. Mostly in a shoebox of shame 😂. I have most of my DC Comics characters on the CD tower. I have a few others placed here and there around my LEGO room.

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