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LEGO vs FLEGO – Suicide Squad

Over the last couple of months, I have been slowly working my way through a review of the FLEGO (fake LEGO) Suicide Squad from China. I have already reviewed Katana (click here to read it), Deadshot (click here to read), Captain Boomerang (click here to read), and the Joker (click here to read). Today, I have the final installment in

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LEGO vs FLEGO – Joker Edition

I’m back with the fourth installment of my LEGO vs fLEGO Suicide Squad review. So far, I have had a look at Katana (click here to read), Deadshot (click here), and Captain Boomerang (click here). When I ordered my FLEGO Suicide Squad a while back, it also came with not one, but two Joker variants. Let me begin by saying

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