September 27, 2023

Snow Guardian (Minifigure Monday)

Minifigure Monday is a weekly celebration of LEGO® characters. Each week, I am sharing one of my favorite Minifigures, either from a CMF series or a set. Last week, I shared the Yeti from Series 11. This week, we jump forward to Series 22 with the Snow Guardian! This minifig came out in 2022 featuring a whole slew of freshly printed parts, as well as a new hat. To this day, the hat remains exclusive to the character. The face, torso, and shield designs are also unique to the Snow Guardian, as is the coloration of his blue-eyed husky. In fact, the only pieces not exclusive to the character are his fur ruff and sword.

Snow Guardian parts and accessories.
Minifigures Series 22, Snow Guardian parts and accessories.

This minifig makes my list of favorite characters partly because of all his unique parts and designs. However, he also represents a whole new faction of warriors that we have never seen before. I grew up with the original LEGO® Castle sets and the various factions of knights therein. Interestingly, the LEGO® Group never released an arctic castle or warrior band. If we’re lucky, we’ll get more characters for this army in the future.

I only acquired one Snow Guardian while Minifigures Series 22 was in stores. I wish I had the foresight to collect more of them. As it stands, I have one lonely arctic warrior instead of a small army. Regardless, he remains one of my favorite Minifigures. Did he make it onto your list as well? Let me know in the comments below or reach out on social media. Also, check back next week for a new Minifigure favorite! We’ll have a special guest making the selection to mix things up.

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