September 28, 2023

I Bought Mighty Bowser… What on Earth for?

March 10 is known as Mar10 day to celebrate Super Mario Brothers. In 2022, the LEGO® Group jumped on that ship for the first time. They offered special GWPs and revealed a slew of new sets. This year, Nintendo announced there will be product reveals on March 10. Additionally, while there are no themed GWPs, you get double points on all Super Mario purchases at the LEGO® Store. I do not normally collect Super Mario sets. In fact, I have only ever reviewed one here at True North Bricks (the Question Block). Incidentally, I did not even buy that set. The LEGO® Group sent it to me for review. Regardless, I decided to take advantage of the current double points run. I bought Mighty Bowser. You might be asking, if I am not a Mario fan, what on Earth did I buy Bowser for? Let’s find out.

Firstly, this set intrigued me from the get-go. In the reveal article back in July ’22, I noted an interest in the build techniques needed to create a fully articulated character build on this scale. However, for $350 CAD, the educational value of the set was not enough to make me splurge right away. I needed the stars to align, and align they did. If you follow me on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, then you know I’ve started a new MOC. I’ve shared progress updates in the form of short videos. I am undertaking my first character build in the form of a mountain troll. It is meant to be a giant from a Minifigure’s perspective. Presently, I’ve designed a completely custom head with a functioning jaw. However, I’ve run into a little builder’s block with the shoulder area and arm attachment. I’m hoping Mighty Bowser will provide some inspiration.

I am hoping Mighty Bowser will provide some inspiration for my current MOC.

I bought Mighty Bowser to help inspire my Mountain Troll MOC.
Here’s a sneak peek of my Mountain Troll MOC.

Secondly, I bought Mighty Bowser because you guys requested it. Since the set’s release in October 2022, a number of readers and viewers of my social media channels have asked me to review the set. Several have also told me of how much they enjoyed the build. So, since there is interest in the community to learn more, I’m happy to oblige. Afterall, I’ll take just about any excuse to buy an interesting new set. Similar to my recent series on the LEGO® Ideas Globe on social media, I’ll share build updates on this set too. So, if you don’t already, make sure you follow on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. I’ll post the short form video updates to my social media channels.

Finally, I bought Mighty Bowser because I got double VIP points. Presently, this is the largest Super Mario set in terms of piece count and price. Double VIP points events are the ideal time to buy any of the large LEGO® sets on your wish list. Bigger sets go on sale less often, so you might as well get double points on them if you can. That way, you get a discount on a future purchase or neat, exclusive rewards in the VIP center. Mighty Bowser scored me 3500 VIP points. That is $35 off of a future purchase.

You requested it, so I’ll review it. Plus, I got double VIP points!

Despite not being a LEGO® Super Mario fan, I am really looking forward to this build. I don’t think Mighty Bowser will even languish in my pile of shame at all. With Mar10 Day coming and my LEGO® Ideas Globe project ending, it’s the perfect time to start building this set. Plus, the sooner I get some inspiration, the sooner my MOC project moves forward. Have you built Mighty Bowser? Or are you buying any Mario sets with the current double points event? Let me know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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  1. New to the Lego world, but why not buy the Bowser elsewhere for 299? Even taking into account the $35 in points you received, that’s a little more than $17 in savings in your pocket over buying directly from Lego.

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