December 8, 2023
August 2022 Haul

August 2022 Haul

Where do I even begin? My August 2022 haul was a big one… I went a little crazy because I found some amazing deals on older sets. At the same time, I wanted the VIP Pirate polybag, so I made some new set purchases as well. Then I found some more deals. On top of that, my local Pick-and-Build walls got some new pieces. Thanks to my serious lack of impulse control when it comes to LEGO®, I find myself sitting on a mound of new bricks… Shall we take a look?

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A little out of town shopping.

I was in Ottawa early in August just for fun. When in a new environment, I like to scope out the LEGO® scene a little. Ottawa has a nice LEGO® Store that generally offers great Pick-and-Build and Build-a-Mini selections. On this particular trip, it was too early in the month to make a big LEGO® store purchase though. I knew the Pirates polybag was only a few short days away. Consequently, I only made a Pick-and-Build purchase. They had small window pieces on the wall… sadly, no frames. However, I have a bunch of frames with no window panes from a previous purchase, so it all worked out. I filled the cup with other interesting odds and ends that I might need some day.

August 2022 Pick-and-Build bricks.
Pick-and-Build bricks I picked up on two different trips to the LEGO® Store in August 2022.

While on my way home, I decided to stop at Walmart. It’s always good to check out Walmart stores you don’t normally go to. I find different locations vary greatly in the sales they offer. As luck would have it, I found a great deal on the Wildlife Rescue Camp (60307). Some of you True North Bricks regulars might be thinking, didn’t you already review that set? Well, yes, I did. However, I bought the first one at full price. This one was 30% off. Once a sale hits that point, I tend to bite. This kit includes some great animal figurines. You get lions to build your pride, and elephants to build your herd. Additionally, the tree trunk pieces are wonderful if you are looking to assemble some greenery for your scenes.

Wildlife Rescue Camp (60307)

The Pirates polybag, first attempt.

A few days later, I headed to the closest LEGO® Store to me in hope of acquiring the Pirates and Treasure VIP Add-on Pack (40515). I did not go out on the first day since the promo runs through the end of September. I thought I had time. Lo and behold, a few days into the promotion and my LEGO® Store was out of polybags. I couldn’t believe it. However, since I had already spent a significant amount of time selecting my purchase, I went ahead and made it anyway. I crossed the Viking Ship and Midgard Serpent (31132) off my wish list.

August 2022 Haul: Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent

Jump back a decade.

This year, I have developed the guilty pleasure of scouring Facebook Marketplace for local deals on retired sets. It is crazy what you can find sometimes. Granted, there are a lot of overpriced items. Just because you have old LEGO® bricks does not mean they are worth something people. But you get the occasional gem too, if you are willing to check frequently. Such was the case with my next two purchases. I found a great deal on Trolls’ Mountain Fortress (7097) from 2009, as well as the City of Atlantis (7985) from 2011. Both hail from my dark ages, but I paid much less than the current Bricklink average used price for each. As I write this, City of Atlantis goes for around $140, while Trolls’ Mountain Fortress sets you back around $240 on Bricklink. Both joined my August 2022 haul for about the price of the fortress alone.

Pirates Polybag, second attempt.

Still dreaming of my Pirates and Treasure VIP Add-on Pack, I drove out to another LEGO® Store one weekend. They had a new selection of 1×2 bricks, 2×2 tiles (with two studs on top), and those neat bullion-style 1×2 tiles in tan. After filling my cup, I asked if any GWP polybags remained. Lady luck smiled on me, so I threw in the Jurassic World T. rex Fossil Exhibition (76940) to meet the spending quota. I love Jurassic World and I’ve been eyeing this set for a while. I had hoped to get it on sale, but getting a freebie was a good enough occasion. In the end, I score not one, but two GWPs. The store was ridding itself of the display model for the Harry Potter Hogwarts Grand Staircase (40577). It did not include the box or instructions, but hey, who cares when it’s free?

August 2022 Haul: T. rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition

And the sales roll in…

At this point, I thought I was done for the month. However, deal after deal kept rolling my way. Firstly, the LEGO® Group held a most unusual sale. The Queer Eye Fab 5 Loft appeared on their site at 40% off. Say what? I couldn’t believe it. The LEGO® Store never has sales that good. I already had this set. I bought it for the great brick selection it offers. At such a discount, I could not resist ordering another… two… Since it was an online purchase, I threw in a VIP tin plate with some of my points. Additionally, the purchase earned me another Pirates polybag.

Queer Eye Fab 5 Loft

Okay, now you’re done, right?

Following my Fab 5 buy, I found more deals on Facebook Marketplace. My August 2022 Haul was so big already, I debated these buys for a whole few seconds. I found a full, factory sealed box of Minifigures Series 16 for under the original retail price. Series 16 came out when Minifigure blind bags still sold for $3.99 CAD, the series included 16 characters, the box came with 60 blind bags. I paid $3.80 for each blind bag. Series 16 was one of my favorites. Incidentally, I already have duplicates of many characters from when the series was in stores. I don’t know what I will do with all these characters yet… But I could not let this deal pass. You almost never find retired Minifigures for less than the original retail price.

I also found one of the original 2015 Jurassic World sets at a good price. It cost more than the original retail price, but still less than it goes for on Bricklink. I found Raptor Escape (75920) still factory sealed in the original box. You’ll pay about $200 for that on Bricklink. I paid closer to the used set price. The set includes two unique raptor designs and two unique Minifigures. It had a very limited run of about seven months, though some parts of the world (Canada included) saw less than that. Raptor Escape was also a Walmart exclusive in North America. As mentioned earlier, I love Jurassic World, so I couldn’t pass this one up.

Time to plan some content… suggestions?

What has me most excited from this haul? Probably the retired items. I am especially looking forward to building Trolls’ Mountain Fortress and City of Atlantis. In terms of the Minifigures, I already have a complete set and some duplicates of Series 16. So, those remain sealed for now. I am also not sure what I want to do with Raptor Escape yet. I do not typically leave sets sealed (LEGO® is meant for building). Certainly, I will open both eventually. However, I might include them in some future themed weeks here at True North Bricks, or something of the sort. I’ll leave them sealed until I decide what content to produce with them. Any suggestions? Did you make an August 2022 haul? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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August 2022 haul GWPs

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Also bought some random Minifigure parts 😉

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  1. Hi Tom. Wowv what a great haul. If you want to sell a set of the series 16 minifigs. im interested. haha
    but nice haul. I also bought an extra fab 5 set for the pieces. which i never hardly try not to buy duplicates of.

    1. Still thinking about what to do with the Series 16 minifigs. Box remains sealed for now. That Fab 5 set was a great deal, it’s certainly a great reason to make a duplicate exception.

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