September 29, 2023
More 2022 Advent Calendars

2022 Advent Calendars Revealed – Pt 2

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s first two 2022 Advent Calendars reveal, we now have details on two more. Head on over to the official site and you will find listings for the City and Friends calendars. And just like prior years, you will get a lovely selection of mini builds and minifigures/mini-dolls. Unlike the licensed ones, these two themes feature far more traditional holiday scenes and characters. And while those licensed sets are seeing a $10 CAD increase in cost, these two sets will only go up $5 CAD compared to last year. Keep reading for details and images of this year’s offerings.

city advent calendar

  • SET #: 60352
  • THEME: City
  • COST: $44.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 287
  • MINIFIGURES: 6 Minifigs + 3 animals
  • RELEASE DATE: September 1, 2022
  • COST/BRICK: $0.16 (poorer value)
  • BRICK-TO-FIG RATIO: 48 bricks/fig (amazing value)
  • OF NOTE: Based on the LEGO®️ City Adventures TV series

The City advent calendar made it’s debut way back in 2005 and has released every year since. It’s pretty much a staple of the brand for the holidays at this point. That first set (#7324) came with a whopping 9 minifigures and only cost $15 USD. Almost 20 years later and things have definitely changed. The official website also lists names for the minifigures, which seems like a first to me. They’re listed as being from the LEGO®️ City Adventures TV series. Can’t say I’m too familiar with it. Either way, there’s some fun minfigures to add to your city and collection.

Image ©2022 The LEGO® Group

Friends advent calendar

  • SET #: 41706
  • THEME: Friends
  • COST: $44.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 312
  • MINIFIGURES: 2 mini-dolls, 2 micro-dolls + 1 animal
  • RELEASE DATE: September 1, 2022
  • COST/BRICK: $0.15 (moderate value)
  • BRICK-TO-FIG RATIO: 78 bricks/fig (great value)
  • OF NOTE: Builds a full holiday market scene

The Friends theme has been going strong for just over a decade now with its first advent calendar dating back to 2012. For this year’s entry, Olivia (micro-doll) is heading to the holiday market and gets to enjoy plenty activities and adventure. Although I don’t collect the theme, it’s absolutely adorable. The mini-builds are also really great, more than making up for the fewer characters included. And seriously, how cute is that reindeer?!

Image ©2022 The LEGO® Group

Two More Down, One To go

And that’s two more 2022 Advent Calendars revealed. Keep it tuned here for the fifth and final advent calendar which has popped up online on certain sites. Once we get official images we will update you on the all details. Do you prefer these calendars over the licensed ones? Does the prince increase impact your decision on the calendars this year? Please comment in all the usual places and let us know what you think. Thanks for reading and until next time, keep on brickin’. 🧱


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  1. I really like the City one this year and will definitely get that one. Not too sure about the Friends one though…..

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