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Summer 2020 Friends Pics

The LEGO® Group recently released official images of the summer 2020 Friends line. Images of these sets have circulated the internet for some time. I even reported on the box art a while back. However, these images are higher quality. Additionally, we now know Canadian pricing information. With the last round of photos, I also conducted some simple Instagram surveys to

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Friends Summer 2020 Sets

More set announcements on the way today, starting with the Friends Summer 2020 lineup. While I do not often purchase Friends sets, I occasionally pick one up. The theme tends to have interesting storefronts and accessories. Additionally, many of the sets are window heavy, which is great for MOC parts. This particular wave of sets contains some interesting entries that

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Friends Central Perk LEGO® Set

A different type of Friends coming from LEGO® Ideas! LEGO® Friends has long been associated with the pastel colored bricks and mini-dolls from Heartlake City. However, this September, LEGO® Friends takes on a new meaning. The LEGO® Group is releasing a Friends Central Perk building kit. The set celebrates the 25th anniversary of the hit television series. It is part

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