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I stopped into Toys R Us (TRU) the other morning to see if their shelves had been restocked. Christmas shoppers and natural disaster-related supply chain shortages (at least here in BC) had left them perpetually empty. Part of the reason for the trip is that I needed to pick up some polybags for the Brick Alliance Polybag Project, a year-long

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January 2022 Haul

January is an amazing month for LEGO® purchases. Not only do you get a fresh wave of sets, you also get a load of clearance sales as retailers make room for said wave of fresh sets. I made a number of purchases this month. One of those does not appear in this article. I already built and reviewed my first

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January 2022 Promotions

This morning, we shared the news concerning the return of the VIP collectible coins. Those hit the VIP rewards center on January 11, 2022 at 9:00 am. Hot on the heels of that reveal, we also learned of the January 2022 promotions at the LEGO® Store. Interestingly, this news is coming at you much later than in the past. Previously,

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