September 24, 2023

Black Friday 2020 Haul

With one of the biggest LEGO® shopping weekends over, the time has come to share my Black Friday 2020 haul. In truth, this is my Black Friday and VIP weekend haul… with a few pre-release goodies from the LEGO® Group thrown in for good measure. I admit, I went a little overboard. The deals were just too good on too many things I wanted. Only one of these purchases was actually planned. The rest were impulse buys born from my weekly scouring of Canadian LEGO® deals. Do I feel a little guilty? Perhaps. Do I regret it? Not for a minute 😉

Black Friday 2020 Haul

First, the planned purchase. Knowing that double VIP points weekend was coming, I decided on my purchase ages ago. It is the ideal time to buy big sets that never go on sale. The 1989 Batwing was top of my list. I have a lithograph signed by Bob Kane, and the Batwing will look great on the wall next to it. For the last few years, VIP weekend preceded Black Friday. Additionally, it came stocked with freebies. For once, 2020 did not disappoint. The Batwing qualified me for two gifts-with-purchase. While I already had the Charles Dickens Tribute, I got a second one. I also scored Buildable 2×4 Brick in teal.

I planned to buy the Batwing, I ended up with a lot of other things on top of it…

Also on VIP weekend, I bought some items on Amazon. The first item to enter my cart was the Friends Heartlake City Hospital. It was 30% off, which constitutes a good deal in my book. I do not review many Friends sets. However, this hospital consists almost entirely of widow pieces. You can never have too many windows for MOCs. Additionally, I have two City hospital sets I plan to combine for a custom project. This gives me more medical equipment to include. In addition, I picked up LEGO® Minifigure: A Visual History“. The book came out earlier this year and costs $50 CAD. I got mine 46% off. Consequently, I have the orange spaceman Minifigure included with the book now. I’m a sucker for those free minifigs.

Having bought so much stuff the week before Black Friday, I planned to sit Black Friday out. However, as I was completing my deals post, I found more stuff. I have been waiting for a great deal on the Hogwarts Clocktower and Avengers Compound Battle. The former has a lot of bricks I want for custom builds. The latter has an amazing character selection and more window pieces. I got both 30% off.

The LEGO® Group sent me some pre-release goodies too!

As if my Black Friday 2020 haul was not enough, the LEGO® Group offered me a few pre-release sets. These kits go hand-in-hand with my Clocktower purchase. I am super excited to get all four of the brand new Hogwarts Moments sets. The official release date is January 1, 2021. Bet I will build these before then and share an early review! Incidentally, I really like these because they offer something new to the Harry Potter theme.

November was another big month of LEGO® acquisitions for me. Actually, bigger than I planned. However, I have a lot of fun builds to look forward to and share. Did you splurge this Black Friday or VIP weekend? Share your stories in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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