June 9, 2023

A Plane Comparison

Recently, I reviewed the Friends Heartlake City Airplane (41429). Prior to that, I also looked at the City Passenger Airplane (60262). When the LEGO® Group announced these sets in summer 2020, I intended to buy the City set. However, the Friends variant intrigued me as well. Ultimately, I decided to acquire both to compare the sets. Consequently, let us make a plane comparison and examine which is the better buy.

NOTE: The LEGO® Group provided Passenger Airplane (60262) discussed in this article for review purposes. Regardless, I will still provide my honest opinion. I purchased the Heartlake City Airplane (41429) on my own.

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A plane comparison of the Heartlake City Airplane and Passenger Airplane from the LEGO Group.

A PLANE COMPARISON OF VALUE: Heartlake City Airplane wins.

In terms of the cost-per-brick, Heartlake City Airplane is the clear winner. At $99.99 CAD and 574 pieces, the cost-per-brick is $0.17. Conversely, Passenger Airplane costs $139.99 CAD. Additionally, this plane has 669 pieces resulting in a cost-per-brick of $0.21. Neither set is a great value. By comparison, my average cost-per-brick is $0.14. However, Heartlake City Airplane remains a satisfactory value while Passenger Airplane falls just short of a passing grade.

A plane comparison of the 2020 LEGO airplanes.

When it comes to build time, Heartlake City Airplane wins again. At $0.75/minute, you get a good amount of assembly time for the price. Conversely, Passenger Airplane clocks in at $1.37. Comparatively, my average cost-per-minute is $0.83. The City version is plain expensive for what you get. Therefore, no matter how you slice it, Heartlake City Airplane is the better value set.

A plane comparison of the LEGO Passenger Airplane VS Heartlake City Airplane.

A PLANE COMPARISON OF BUILD: Passenger Airplane wins.

In terms of the exterior of the plane, the clear winner is the Passenger Airplane. It looks more realistic in terms of proportions. Additionally, it has doors. Not only is there a cabin door, but the set also has a cargo bay door. Comparatively, Heartlake City Airplane has no doors. Characters have no physical entry point into the plane, you need to imagine it. Additionally, the fuselage looks too tall for the overall length and wingspan in my opinion.

When it comes to the interior, I like the Heartlake City Airplane more. Passenger Airplane has a better cockpit, but that is where it ends. There are some seats inside, however the cabin does not have the detail seen in the Friends version. Heartlake City Airplane has screens and overhead storage bins. Additionally, the refreshment cart is nicer. The Friends plane also has a fun little galley behind the cockpit.

Passenger Airplane is nicer outside, Heartlake City Airplane is nicer inside.

The two things I love the most about Heartlake City Airplane are the bathroom and the interior flow of the plane. The wings on Passenger Plane are one piece. Consequently, they cut across the interior of the cabin, dividing it in two. In a real plane, you would be leaping hurdles to get to the bathroom. On top of that, the bathroom door consists of two unlinked pieces, and there is only a toilet behind it. Heartlake City Airplane has a full bathroom that made me laugh out loud. You build poo into the fuselage under the toilet.

Picking a build winner is hard. I like the exterior of one and the interior of the other. However, I like some of the side builds from the Passenger Airplane more than those from the Heartlake City Airplane. Therefore, by a narrow margin, Passenger Airplane takes the build win.


We are comparing apples and oranges here. One set comes with Minifigures, the other has mini dolls. Additionally, my bias is towards Minifigures. I think the dolls are a little creepy. With that in mind, I rated both sets in their individual reviews at 86%. You get more characters in the City plane, but more accessories in the Friends plane. However, characters are more important in my book, as are Minifigures over dolls. This category really depends on personal preference. Do you prefer Friends or City? I like City, so I pick Passenger Airplane.


I kept both airplanes assembled. As far as AFOL display value is concerned, each set represents a solid plane. I am happy to have competing airlines for my Minifigures. Additionally, each set earned an entertainment score of 95% in my individual reviews. For display purposes, I side a little bit more with the Passenger Plane though. As mentioned in the build section, it is more outwardly appealing. Currently, I have added flames to one of the Passenger Airplane engines and I have a Superman Minifigure catching the plane from crashing. It hangs from the ceiling and no one looks inside the set. Consequently, display potential is my main motivator.

A plane comparison: how I have displayed my passenger airplane.
My passenger airplane display.

As a play set, either plane provides ample fun opportunities. The Friends set has a more detailed interior and more Minifigure accessories. However, the City plane has actual Minifigures and you get more side builds to play with. I do not think all the side builds are great, but kids might feel differently. Interior access for play is also easy on both sets. However, the Friends airplane edges ahead by a slim margin. In the City plane, the cabin and cockpit roof come off to access inside from above. In the Friends plane, the cockpit roof lifts off as well. However, the cabin wall and roof swing upwards on hinges allowing side access to the inside. I think it is easier to get your hands into the Heartlake City Airplane.

OVERALL WINNER: Passenger Airplane.

As mentioned earlier, I like both the Passenger Airplane and the Heartlake City Airplane. However, from an AFOL perspective, I would choose the Passenger Airplane if I had to pick only one. The main reason I want airplanes is to hang them over my city display. Passenger Airplane looks a little better and more realistically proportioned from the outside. Conversely, Heartlake City Airplane comes at a lower price and an overall better value. Either way, you get a fun airplane. I think AFOLs looking for a display piece will like the City version more though. What are your thoughts? Comment below or reach out on social media.

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Passenger Airplane in the skies above my LEGO® city.

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