September 29, 2023

Good Versus Evil (LEGO Masters)

It’s getting down to the wire. In episode eight, the final four teams battled it out in the ultimate LEGO® championship of good versus evil. Series 19 Minifigures faced off in epic displays resulting from the collaboration between competing contestants! Meanwhile, host Will Arnett played sidekick to guest star Terry Crews as the dynamic duo went around motivating the competitors.

Terry Crews guest starred in Good Versus Evil.
Terry Crews guest starred in Episode 8 (©2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX).

No joke, Terry Crews broke through a wall to get on set.

At the beginning of the episode, collectable Minifigure series 19 went up on display. The remaining four teams picked two Minifigures each.  Whether Minifigures represented a hero and sidekick or villain and henchman depended on the “Good or Evil Detectability Pedestal of Truth”. Placing Minifigures on the pedestal caused them to either glow blue (good) or red (evil). Afterwards, competitors had eleven hours to build their characters’ base. Additionally, they built a joint showdown scene of good versus evil with another team. Brickmasters Jamie and Amy judged the work this week based on the builds by each team, as well as the groups’ ability to work together.

Brickmasters Amy and Jaime.
Evil Will (on screen) with Brickmasters Amy and Jaime (©2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX).

This episode marked the last challenge where a team could use the golden brick. Therefore, Boone and Mark were safe from elimination. However, this did not stop them from producing an epic build. In fact, free from the pressure of being kicked off, it allowed them freedom to experiment more. The Bearded Builders picked Bear Costume Guy and Pizza Costume Guy. Incidentally, these characters turned out to be villains. The team built a subterranean lair for the evildoers. The design featured a pizza oven that churned out evil pizza slice minions as well as a giant computer display with multiple random lights going on and off. Brickmaster Jaime commented on the complexity and difficulty of the computer display.

Good ducks versus evil pizza!

Good versus evil build by Mark, Boone, Sam, and Jessica.
Collaborative good versus evil build by Mark, Boone, Sam, and Jessica (©2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX).

Facing off against Mark and Boone was Sam and Jessica. Shower Guy was their hero, with his mother, the Gardener, helping the fight. Shower Guy’s base was a basement scene below his mother’s house. It featured a giant bathtub, and he had an army of rubber ducks. Sam and Jessica collaborated closely with Mark and Boone in order to make their streets above the bases level.  However, Brickmaster Amy pointed out that details matter at this stage in the game. She noted that the build needed polishing. Some sections (like the Gardener’s greenhouse) were chaotic, and there were unfinished edges visible.

That's a lot of beards.
That’s a lot of beards (©2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX).

Meanwhile, Tyler and Amy won the challenge for the second week running. They built an evil Egyptian lair for their Mummy Queen and her Jungle Explorer henchman. In facing off against Aaron and Christian, Brickmaster Amy noted that the build was “definitely dominant”. Additionally, Jamie expressed “wow”, and said it really had a presence.

Old school versus new school.

Good versus evil by Tyler, Amy, Aaron, and Christian.
Good versus evil by Tyler, Amy, Aaron, and Christian (©2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX).

Aaron and Christian struggled more with their construct. Their heroes were the Programmer and the Galactic Bounty Hunter. Though the product was polished, the details hidden inside were difficult to make out. Brickmaster Amy loved the giant mech that the team produced for the Programmer, as well as the rotating wall that allowed a Minifigure to transform into the Galactic Bounty Hunter. However, Brickmaster Jaime pointed out a random bake sale in the forefront of the build that did not connect to the story clearly. This bake sale seemed like a point of contention with Tyler and Amy earlier in the challenge as well.

Aaron, Christian, Will Arnett, and Terry Crews.
Aaron and Christian with Will Arnett and Terry Crews (©2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX).

Sam and Jessica, as well as Aaron and Christian found themselves in the bottom two teams this week. Early in the season, my personal prediction was that Aaron and Christian, Boone and Mark, and Tyler and Amy would round out the top three. I was wrong. Aaron and Christian went home this week. In the early episodes, Aaron and Christian really hit the ground running, whereas Sam and Jessica struggled to find a team dynamic. However, later in the season, Sam and Jessica really found their stride. Aaron and Christian made nice builds for the most part, but really struggled to tell compelling and cohesive stories. That is where Sam and Jessica took the lead. The duo is very imaginative and tell wonderful tales in all their builds.

Tyler and Amy building their evil Egyptian lair.
Tyler and Amy building their evil Egyptian lair (©2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX).

Good Versus Evil Synopsis

Jessie & KaraSafeLost
Travis & CoreySafeSafeLost
Manny & NestorBottomSafeSafeLost
Krystle & AmieSafeSafeBottomBottomLost
Mel & JermaineSafeSafeSafeSafeBottomLost
Richard & FlynnSafeSafeWonSafeSafeBottomLost
Aaron & ChristianWonSafeSafeSafeSecondSafeBottomLost
Sam & JessicaBottomBottomSecondSafeSafeSafeSecondBottom
Mark & BooneSafeSafeSafeWonWonWonSafeSafe
Tyler & AmySafeWonSafeSecondSafeSecondWonWon
The final four face off in Good Versus Evil.
The final four teams (©2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX).

Next episode, the final three teams face a Star Wars challenge. Sam, Jessica, Mark, Boone, Tyler, and Amy will battle it out for the final two spots. At stake is a 50/50 chance at $100,000 and the title of LEGO® Masters. The heat is certainly on now for the remaining teams! Who do you think will make the top two? Sound off below or on social media. For more LEGO® Masters coverage, click here.

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