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Boone and Mark Interview (LEGO® Masters)

In a crazy twist at the end of LEGO® Masters episode nine, all remaining teams made it through the semi-finals. With no eliminated team to interview, True North Bricks, The Brothers Brick, Brickset, and BZPower caught up with all of the top three teams before the finale. Today’s feature is the Boone and Mark interview. You two seem to build creations very quickly.

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Tyler and Amy Interview

Season one of LEGO® Masters is quickly coming to a close. In episode nine, the Star Wars challenge, no team was eliminated. Consequently, three teams remain in the running for the title of LEGO® Masters and $100,000. True North Bricks, The Brothers Brick, Brickset, and BZPower caught up with all three of the remaining teams in the lead up to the finale. Up

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Amy and Jamie Interview (LEGO Masters)

With no episode of LEGO® Masters on April 1, and subsequently no elimination, we replaced the weekly contestants Q&A. Instead, True North Bricks, The Brothers Brick, Brickset, and BZPower caught up with Brickmasters Amy and Jamie for an interview! They share their thoughts on what it takes to become a LEGO® Master, work for the LEGO® Group, as well as their impressions

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Aaron and Christian Interview (LEGO® Masters)

Episode eight of LEGO® Masters saw the ultimate showdown between good and evil (click here to read more). Aaron and Christian produced a top-notch, clean build. However, with the competition so fierce, the team’s hidden build details certainly set them back. In the aftermath of their elimination, True North Bricks, The Brothers Brick, Brickset, and BZPower caught up with the team for an

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Good Versus Evil (LEGO Masters)

It’s getting down to the wire. In episode eight, the final four teams battled it out in the ultimate LEGO® championship of good versus evil. Series 19 Minifigures faced off in epic displays resulting from the collaboration between competing contestants! Meanwhile, host Will Arnett played sidekick to guest star Terry Crews as the dynamic duo went around motivating the competitors.

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Richard and Flynn Interview (LEGO® Masters)

In episode seven of LEGO® Masters, contestants brought a story imagined by children to life in brick form. The competition reached a new level with only the five top teams remaining (click here to read more). Though staying true to their vision of the challenge, Richard and Flynn struggled to impress the judges.  Brickmaster Amy commented that the basic building

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