June 2, 2023

Let the Jolly Roger Fly (Minifigure Monday)

Minifigure Monday is a weekly celebration of Minifigures through art. This week, there be a whisper on the wind… Something big is on the horizon… To celebrate, I have a fun, themed week planned for you all. The whole world needs a little distraction these days anyway. Consequently, my ’90s pirates Minifigures came out to set the tone. Pirates was my favorite theme as a kid, and I’m going to celebrate them all week. It all begins today with this week’s Minifigure Monday pic and poem, so let the Jolly Roger fly!

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Let the Jolly Roger Fly

An original Pirates inspired poem from True North Bricks

There be a whisper on the wind,
An itch to scratch until its skinned.

The weather it be actin’ strange,
The tides be goin’ through a change.

It be a feelin’ in my bones,
Callin’ from the vast unknowns.

Left for too long with naught to do,
The old crew, they be rustlin’ too.

Unfurl the sails and raise ‘em high,
Then let the Jolly Roger fly.

Avast ye folks, prepare to flee,
This man-o-war takes to the sea.

Let the Jolly Roger fly.
There be a whisper on the wind…

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