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June ’22 BAM Update

June 22 BAM Update

My area is continuously behind the times when it comes to the Build-A-Mini (BAM) tower at the LEGO® Store. Whenever Instagram floods with images of glorious new Minifigure parts, my local store has the tired selection from months ago. Recently, the latest update to BAM included pieces I could not resist. I am a fan of classic Castles and Pirates.

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Pirate Minifigure Monday

Every week, I select a different Minifigure to celebrate through art. This week, I am looking at one of my favorite themes with a Pirate Minifigure Monday. I loved Pirates growing up. Additionally, 2020 has brought back all those swashbuckling memories through two new sets. Earlier in the year we got Pirates of Barracuda Bay. This summer, the LEGO® Group

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Top 10 Biggest Ships 2020

On August 24, 2020, the LEGO® Group released the Creator 3-in-1 Pirate Ship (31109) and a new Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty (71705) in Canada. Additionally, earlier this year we got Pirates of Barracuda Bay. As mast and sail ships, all qualify for my list of the top 10 biggest ships of 2020. Not only that, they knock three ships off the previous

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Pirate Ship (31109) Review

After Pirates of Barracuda Bay in early 2020, I have been on a pirate high. Consequently, I was thrilled to learn that 2020 had a second pirate-themed set in store. The LEGO® Group included a Creator 3-in-1 Pirate Ship (31109) in the summer 2020 offerings. While European markets received this set on June 1, North America had to wait. Complications

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Top 10 Biggest Pirates Sets

The Pirate week finale is here. This themed week ends with a look at the top 10 biggest pirates sets produced by the LEGO® Group! A while back, I looked at the biggest ships ever produced. However, the focus of that list was not the pirates theme (click here to view it). Additionally, it covered only on sail-and-mast ships. Today’s

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Robin Loot Coloring Page

To celebrate the upcoming release of Pirates of Barracuda Bay from LEGO® Ideas, it is Pirate week at True North Bricks! Consequently, all my usual weekly posts are taking on a swashbuckling theme, including a new coloring page. This installment features a Robin Loot coloring page, based on one of the eight new characters from the set. To read more from

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Old Versus New Pirates Pieces

I have often thought about writing an article that compares old LEGO® pieces with their newer counterparts. With the release of Pirates of Barracuda Bay (21322), the time seems right. This LEGO® Ideas set really takes you back to the Pirates theme of old. There are so many familiar little odds and ends. However, many of these familiar bits are

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