September 29, 2023

2019 Halloween Costume!

My haul this month is a little different from usual. Normally, I have a number of set purchases to show. However, given my current backlog of sets to review, I have not been making purchases this month. All the same, I am in need of a Halloween costume. This year, I decided to get something LEGO® themed. In addition to my 2019 Halloween costume, I also found a good deal on a LEGO® book, and got a REALLY early Christmas gift!

2019 Halloween Costume haul.
October 2019 LEGO® themed haul.

For my Halloween costume, I have decided to dress up as a blue LEGO® brick this year. I ordered the costume from Amazon. There are different colors, as well as adult and child sizes. I went with blue so that I could stick my LEGO® Brick Suit Guy Minifigure on to my LEGO® compatible coffee mug for the day. It is a fun costume. It comes folded in a bag, and is a little wrinkled. I doubt there is any way around that issue. It could use a little extra support around the mid-section to keep the brick shape a little better. That can be a custom fix using cardboard or a coat hanger though.

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2019 Halloween Costume
Me as a brick.

My 2019 Halloween Costume is a blue LEGO® brick!

While shopping for my costume, I also browsed some other LEGO® related items. Consequently, a great deal on the new edition of the Ninjago Visual Dictionary popped up. I saw this book at my local Chapters not too long ago, and noticed the exclusive Minifigure included with it. Being a sucker for those characters, I naturally wanted the book. I decided not to buy it at the time in order to wait for a sale. Lady luck shined on me and rewarded my patience because the book was over 40% off the day I bought my costume. I will a have a look at through the book in the coming days and prepare a review soon. As I am writing this, the book is still on sale. So, if you want one, now is a great time to pick it up.

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The new edition of the Ninjago Visual Dictionary.

Finally, I received my first Christmas present of the year. Yes, I know, Halloween has not passed yet. However, I get this gift early from my nieces every year. Now, I am all set for December with my City 2019 Advent Calendar! So, a special shout-out and thanks to my wonderful nieces 🙂

City 2019 Advent Calendar.

This may not end up being the entirety of my October haul. As I am writing this, double VIP points is still on at the LEGO® Store for another day. I have been holding out in hopes of my local store getting the 2019 Build-A-Mini Halloween pieces. However, I wanted to get this 2019 Halloween costume post out before Halloween. As always, I welcome your comments and thoughts below! To look at my past LEGO® hauls, click here.

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