December 4, 2023

October 2019 Haul (Part 2)

Last weekend, I posted an article about my little haul for the month of October. I mentioned therein that double VIP points was on at the LEGO® Store. That meant the distinct possibility of a second little haul. That possibility became a reality with a visit to the LEGO® Store. My usual store did not get the Halloween Build-A-Mini parts this year, much to my disappointment. Therefore, I trekked out to another location that is a bit farther away. Luckily, they had what I was looking for, as well as a different selection on the Pick-And-Build wall. Consequently, this week I have my October 2019 haul (part 2) to share.

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October 2019 haul (part 2)
October 2019 haul (part 2)

Firstly, even though Halloween is now over, I got some festive pieces for my Minifigure collection. What I was really after was the orange and black Harley Quinn/N-Pop girl hair. This hairpiece is unique to the Build-A-Mini station, and is not available in sets. Similarly, the pumpkin head and Halloween attire I dressed her in are also unique, as is the black variant of terrier.

Great build-a-mini selection this month.

Pumpkin girl build-a-mini
Pumpkin girl build-a-mini

The second Build-A-Mini creation was the cat-girl. Her hairpiece is a new recoloring of the Series 14 Tiger Woman. 1960s Catwoman from the classic Batcave set, as well as Kitty Pop from the LEGO® Movie 2 Minifigures Series also had other color variants. Her torso is from Spooky Boy (Series 16), and I think her legs are new.

Cat girl build-a-mini
Cat girl build-a-mini

The third Minifigure was a filler. I built a person who looks like he could be on vacation in Mexico. He has a pirate torso and blue shorts. The face looks like a new expression my sig-fig might wear, while the sombrero and plate are from the Taco Tuesday Minifigure from the original LEGO® Movie Minifigures Series. I love Mexican food, and I want to build a Mexican restaurant in my city. Consequently, I will need props for it.

Vacationer build-a-mini
Vacationer build-a-mini

My Pick-And-Build selection is not new if you have been making the rounds of the internet over the last few weeks. However, again, my local LEGO® Store has not been getting them. I picked up 445 dark tan 1×2 bricks, 140 gold 1×1 round bricks, 138 dark grey 2×1 tiles, and 158 varied plant pieces. This makes 881 bricks total. At $19.99 CAD/cup, I spent $0.02/brick, which is an awesome value.

October 2019 haul (part 2) pick-and-build contents.
My pick-and-build cup all sorted. The colors are a little off…

I couldn’t resist a double VIP points set purchase.

The day that I hit the LEGO® Store was actually the last day of double VIP points. Since I was making the aforementioned purchases anyway, I also picked up the Jurassic World Baryonyx Face-Off set. This set made my wish list last summer because I want all the LEGO® dinosaurs. The Jurassic World coloring pages I have made are also popular here at True North Bricks, so this will give me some new material to make for you all.

October 2019 haul (part 2): Baryonyx Face-off
Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt

Finally, I stopped at Hallmark. I will talk more about my purchase in a later post. However, I did pick up my Christmas tree ornament for 2019. There were a few great characters to pick from this year, but I decided to go with Robin from the LEGO® Batman Movie. As I said though, I will talk about this in a separate post a bit later on. What LEGO® related purchases did you make this month? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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October 2019 haul (part 2)
My LEGO® brick selection.

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