September 27, 2023

Review: Minifigure Set – LEGO® City 2019

Every summer, the LEGO® Group delivers a new science based City sub-theme. I am always pretty quick to jump on these since I am a bit of a science geek at heart. This year, we get a much anticipated return to space. I have a number of sets from this assortment in line for review over the next few weeks, but we’ll kick it all off with a look at new City Minifigure Set. Given that this is a Minifigure pack, and not a regular set, I will stray a little from my usual method of generating scores, but I will let you know as we move along how the rating will be different.

New blister packaging for Minifigure sets.


NAME: Minifigure Set – LEGO® City 2019
SET #: 40345
COST: $16.99 CAD
OF INTEREST: New geode bricks
RELEASE DATE: June 23, 2019

Minifigure set contents.


VALUE: 85% (These Minifigs are about 15% cheaper than the blind bags.)

BUILD: N/A (This is not meant to be a “build” set.)

MINIFIGURES: 94% (Nicely designed characters, excellent brick:fig.)

ENTERTAINMENT: 90% (Fun, but not necessary if collecting other sets.)

Solar powered lab station.


VALUE: 85%

Usually, my reviews place some focus on the cost-per-brick and build-time value of a set. However, I like to review Minifigure packs a little differently since the emphasis of the set is not building, but rather expanding a Minifigure population. If we were to rate the value of this set according to the criteria I use for regular build-oriented kits, it would come in at $0.39/brick. That is astronomically expensive. However, if you compare it buying individual Minifigure blind bags, you are paying $4.25 per figurine. That is about 15% cheaper than the blind bags. I’ll rate this set at 85% for Minifigure value.

These City space sets come with fun geodes.


There is not much to build in this kit, but again, the emphasis here is on Minifigures. You do get a small lab bench with solar panels. I suppose it is meant to be a lab station on another planet, since the whole idea of this trip to space is the exploration of Mars. However, the lab technician here doesn’t wear a space suit, and solar panels don’t work very well inside, so I question that choice a little. But, the build here is more of an accessory for Minifigures, so I will not give a build score this time around.

Scientist Minifigure.


There are four characters included in this kit. You get a female scientist, a male mechanic, and two astronauts. One of the astronauts is advertised as being unique to this set. Each of these characters comes with all of the standard parts, including new space helmet designs. All of them feature front and back printed torsos as well. Only the female astronaut comes with a double-sided face, and only two of the characters feature leg printing. You get a few neat accessories too, including two new geode pieces, two oxygen tanks, a laptop, a camera, a jackhammer, a metal detector, and a wrench. It is probably of interest to some of you out there that the solar panels are printed tiles, and not stickers. Based on my usual rating scale for Minifigure design, I rate these characters at 87%.

Mechanic Minifigure.

Given that this set is pretty much just Minifigures, it goes without saying that it will have an excellent brick-to-fig ratio. You are looking at 11 bricks for ever Minifigure. That earns 100%. Averaging this with the design score gives an overall Minifigure rating of 94%.

Exclusive astronaut Minifigure.


This is a fun little expansion set for the LEGO® space enthusiasts out there. You also get one exclusive astronaut Minifigure.  The others characters in the kit appear to be available in the other sets from this sub-theme though. Therefore, if you plan on picking those up, this little pack might not be necessary. The mechanic seems fairly common based on the set photographs, and the female astronaut looks to be included in the larger Minifigure pack from the sub-theme. I can’t see this exact scientist in any of the other set pictures, but you do get several different variants on the same character. Overall, I do like this little set, and for those who are not planning to collect many of the other space kits, it is a fun little Minifigure booster pack. I rate it at 90% for entertainment. I like it a lot, but I don’t “love, love, love” it.

Astronaut Minifigure.

I don’t normally discuss packaging for sets in my reviews because I don’t ever keep the boxes. I am all about the box contents. However, in this case, this Minifigure pack came in a new blister-card package that I quite like. The blister itself is shaped like a Minifigure, and I might hang onto it and see if it inspires some creativity down the line. All of the small Minifigure sets released this summer come in the same format package, but the card printing varies.

Alternate astronaut face.


This Minifigure set is an inexpensive way to get your hands on some of the new astronaut characters from 2019. When compared to the blind bags, you save about 15% per Minifigure. While there is one exclusive figurine in the set, variants of the same characters come in several sets in the new City space sub-theme, so you might not need this kit if you plan to collect those sets. It is a fun little booster pack though, and could be worth your while if you are in the market for more Minifigures. Have any thoughts you would like to share on this set? Feel free to comment below!

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