December 8, 2023

August 2019 LEGO® Haul

The end of August is upon us, and it heralds the end of summer. However, it also signals that it is time for my August 2019 LEGO® haul post. Furthermore, this is a special haul because I have all of you to thank for it. For a few months now, I have been displaying affiliate links on True North Bricks. Using these links to make your purchases earns me a small commission. That money helps to pay web-hosting fees, but also supports the review process. All of you contributed to this month’s haul, so…

Thank you for making the August 2019 LEGO® haul possible.

August 2019 LEGO® haul.
August 2019 LEGO® Haul.

This month’s sets are a collection of miscellaneous items that I have been wanting for a while. However, I held off on buying them until I could get them on sale. In the end, I saved $93 on these sets. It just goes to show that waiting will often pay off. The deals varied from 20% off to a whopping 64% off. If you follow me on social media, then you already know that the 64% off deal was on the Creator 3-in-1 Cruising Adventures (31083) set at Walmart. It usually costs $79.99 CAD, and I got it for $29. It was too good a deal to pass up!

Cruising Adventures (31083)
Cruising Adventures

I saved over $90 on my August 2019 LEGO® by waiting for sales.

The next best deal was on Andrea’s Accessories Store (41344) from the Friends theme. I do not generally collect Friends sets. However, this was 28% off. The usual retail price is $39.99. I also need more storefronts to include in my custom LEGO® city. I will convert this one into a modular at some point so that it fits the bill.

In third place comes the Creator 3-in-1 Modular Sweet Surprises (31077) set. This will be another store in my city. It will probably change from a bakery into another form of retail because my city already has a bakery and a few cafes. This one was 22% off, it usually retails for $49.99.

August 2019 LEGO® Haul - Modular Sweet Surprises
Modular Sweet Surprises.

The remainder of my purchases came at 20% off. That is not a phenomenal sale, but it is better than no deal at all, and it is quite common. If you wait long enough, most general release sets will hit that mark at some point. My first selection in this savings range was the Outdoor Adventures people pack. People packs are pricey at $49.99 CAD. As a result, I often wait for a sale. With that said, I have rarely seen more than 20% off on one. I love hiking and such, so this was necessary to have. The accessories also lend themselves well to setting up an outdoor sports store in my LEGO® city. I save $10 on this purchase.

Outdoor Adventures People Pack.
Outdoor Adventures People Pack.

The deals I got ranged from 20% – 64% off.

While I do not know much about the video game Overwatch, I also picked up Hanzo VS Genji (75971). This will go towards adding detail into my custom Ninjago City expansion. My Ninjago City will feature personalized, existing Asian-style sets that I like. I have been eyeing this one for a while. I saved $5 on this one.

August 2019 LEGO® Haul - Hanzo VS Genji.
Hanzo VS Genji.

Last, but not least, I also saved $5 on Throne Room Showdown (70651) from the Ninjago theme. This set will also go towards providing some detail into Ninjago City. I do not have Harumi’s white hair yet either.

Throne Room Showdown.
Throne Room Showdown.

That concludes this month’s LEGO® Haul post. If you want to watch the unboxing video for this haul, click here to head over to my YouTube channel. Feel free to share your thought below. Alternatively, if you have details of your own haul, I would love to hear about it. Finally, thank you again to all of you who have been clicking on my links. Your support for True North Bricks is really heart-warming!

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