June 8, 2023

Minifigures Series 19

A review of Minifigures Series 19 from the LEGO® Group.

Images of LEGO® Minifigures Series 19 started circulating the net earlier this summer. Recently, LEGO® Shop-at-Home posted pictures on their site. The release date is September 1, 2019. Interestingly, on a recent trip to Toys R Us here in Canada, I found the blind bags already on sale in advance of the official release. As a result, I wasted no time in finding all sixteen of the new characters. There is a new un-bagging video on my YouTube Channel, and my thoughts on this series follow below.

Minifigures Series 19
Group shot.

I am quite enamored with Series 19. Obviously, I like some characters more than others. However, I think this is a great selection overall. New parts, prints, and accessories abound. Further, AFOLs will appreciate throwbacks to past themes. First, we get the Fright Knight. Growing up, the Fright Knights sub-theme of Castles was one of my favorites. In Series 19, we get a ghostly warrior with a shield insignia very similar to Basil the Bat Lord’s crest.

Fright Knight
Fright Knight

Minifigures Series 19 contains a few throwbacks.

The second throwback comes in the form of the Jungle Explorer. This character bears a striking resemblance to Johnny Thunder from the old Adventurers’ theme. I never collected those sets, but I certainly knew of them. I wanted this character even without the Adventurers’ reference. He comes with a new color variant of the hiker backpack and a magnifying glass. However, my favorite inclusion is the chameleon.

Jungle Explorer from Minifigures Series 19.
Jungle Explorer

There are two mythical Minifigures in Series 19. First off, we get the Monkey King. Presumably, this figurine draws inspiration from the legendary Chinese character. As far as I know, his hairpiece, ribbon, and cape pieces are all new. Additionally, he has unique printing, two-toned arms and legs, as well as a tail. This is one of my favorites in this series.

Monkey King
Monkey King

Inspiration was drawn from myths and legends.

The other mythical character is the Mummy Queen. Obviously, she pulls on Egyptian mythology and stories of mummy curses. This Minifigure tells a story through her face print. On one side, she has a golden, ceremonial burial mask. On the other, an undead face with glowing eyes. She comes with a fair amount of printing, two-toned legs, and a golden scorpion. I think this character would have been more fun is she bore more resemblance to the Egyptian Queen from Series 5. Her jewelry could have matched or something. I loved when that sort of continuity occurred with Minifigures in past series.

Mummy Queen from Minifigures Series 19.
The Mummy Queen

One futuristic Minifigure made the cut for Series 19. He is the Galactic Bounty Hunter. I was never a huge sci-fi LEGO® collector. As such, this character was not high on my list. He does sport a neat helmet though. The character also comes with a gun, and a transparent red wanted poster. It looks like a futuristic tablet, or hologram of some sort. Regardless, it is a nice piece.

Galactic Bounty Hunter
Galactic Bounty Hunter

Is that the Larry Poppins of Care Bears?

There are two animal costumes in this wave of Minifigures. One, we have seen before. The Bear Costume Guy is a re-color of the Panda Guy from the original LEGO® Movie Minifigure series. This version is not my favorite. In fact, I really did not want this one character from the series. However, my wife loves Care Bears, and this Minifigure is reminiscent of one. It comes with a rainbow tile, and two heart tiles.

Bear Costume Guy from Minifigures Series 19.
Bear Costume Guy

Fox Costume Girl is the other animal-themed character in Series 19. Unlike Bear Costume Guy, she is a more novel concept with a new mask piece. She also sports a re-color of the Cheshire cat tail from the first wave of Disney Minifigures. As accessories, you get a chicken as well as a sac for nabbing said chicken.

Fox Costume Girl

Minifigures Series 19 has lots of great city folk.

The remainder of the characters in Series 19 are everyday people. However, unlike the normal city-folk you get in the City theme and people packs, these ones a very well detailed. Probably the most surprising of these for me was the Mountain Biker. We have never seen such a significant accessory in the Minifigures Series before. She comes with a mountain bike featuring a new bike frame. This one accommodates wheels usually seen on LEGO® Motorbikes. She also has a new helmet piece with long hair, two-toned arms and legs, as well as a Band-Aid printed on her arm.

The Mountain Biker from Minifigures Series 19.
Mountain Biker

The Dog Sitter also features some new pieces. More specifically, she comes with two piles of a poo and a new dog. The poo pieces are swirled and brown. I am sure that these will show up as cupcake toppers in some future set. This Minifigure has a wiener dog, which is a mold we have not seen before. The Dog Sitter also comes with a new color variant of the bulldog from Series 17, and a green shovel.

Dog Sitter.
Dog Sitter

Now imagine that poop as a cupcake topper…

Another new animal piece comes with the Gardener. She is an elderly woman garbed in floral patterns and leopard print. She sports green gardening gloves, and comes with the same plant piece that came with the LEGO® Movie 2 series Giraffe Guy. Her hair is a purple re-color of the Lady Vampire hair from Series 14. The aforementioned animal piece is a flamingo!

Gardener from Minifigures Series 19.

The funniest character is certainly Shower Guy. He comes with a shower cap, a shower brush, a rubber duck, and a cloth towel to wrap around his waist. However, my amusement with this character arises from what is under the towel. He has strategically placed bubbles printed on his leg piece.

Shower Guy
Shower Guy

There is a surprise waiting under that towel…

I am not particularly fond of this next character. The Rugby Player may excite sports enthusiasts though. He does comes with a ball piece I have never seen before. Otherwise, I find him a little unremarkable compared to others in the series.

Rugby Player from Minifigures Series 19.
Rugby Player

Series 19 also contains a female fire fighter. She has new printing compared to others from the City theme. However, the most interesting aspect of this character is the new helmet piece. Female fire fighter Minifigures equipped with helmets tend to be bald in City sets. This helmet features hair molded onto it.

In Minifigures Series 19, female fire fighters finally get hair!

Fire Fighter
Fire Fighter

We also get a re-print of the watermelon costume from the LEGO® Movie 2. In Series 19, it is a pizza slice. Additionally, Pizza Costume Guy comes with a printed tile in the form of a restaurant ad. His torso is plain green, but you do not see it under the pizza slice anyway. His pants are really tacky, but amusing.

Pizza Costume Guy from Minifigures Series 19.
Pizza Costume Guy

Next, we have the Video Game Champ. In series 12, we also got a gamer character, so exploring a more novel idea would have been interesting. However, this one does come with a new green hairpiece that has headphones and a microphone attached. The new game controller is reminiscent of one you would see on an Xbox console. I really like the printed tile that comes with him though. It represents a game box featuring an interesting character, the Cyborg from Series 16. As I mentioned earlier, I love throwback references.

Video Game Champ
Video Game Champ

Is that the Series 16 Cyborg?

Finally, Series 19 comes with a Programmer. Of the civilian Minifigures, she is my favorite. We get a new hairpiece for starters. This hairpiece also comes in one of the new people packs, but here you can get it without dishing out $50. She also has a white laptop, which I have not seen before. They usually come in black. The character’s torso and leg printing are also new. I love the plaid shirt tied around her hips. Her two-toned legs also make it look like the shirt continues on the backside. That is a great detail, and an idea that the LEGO® Group has not explored before. As for her t-shirt, apparently it says “LEGO” in binary code (I cannot confirm this though).

Programmer from Minifigures Series 19.

Overall, I really like these Minifigures. The level of detail is great, and there are several fun, new accessories. However, they are a little pricey at $4.99. To get all of them, you will dish out close to $100 with taxes included. I think they are worth the expenditure, but you can always wait a few months for a discount. The past few series have all dropped by a dollar near the end of their run at various retailers. Waiting is a bit of a gamble though, because you might not get them all. What do you think of the new Minifigures Series? Feel free to leave a comment below. You can also find more reviews by visiting the reviews section.

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